Top 10 Reasons To Have An Australian Shepherd In Your Family

Top 10 Reasons To Have An Australian Shepherd In Your Family

There are hundreds of dog breeds out there today, but very few can match the loyalty, energy, and the willingness to work, like the Australian Shepherd dog. Contrary to the name, the Australian Shepherd actually originates from the United States.

The breed has been extremely popular in the past at ranches, farms, rodeos, rounding up livestock, and performing. Moreover, they have become more popular in recent years with regular families who are active.

Let’s look at 10 reasons why you should have an Australian Shepherd in your family.

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1. The first reason to have an Australian Shepherd in your family has got to be the fact that they are very easy to train, in fact, they love having things to do, they need it. They are the original herding dog and if they are not trained, and given plenty to do they will get bored very quickly.

Many people that own these beautiful dogs spend hours walking, or running with them. In addition, they are ideal for those with a bit of land and they will automatically try to herd any creatures like ducks or geese around the home, and even children at times.

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2. The second reason is that they are very loyal to their owner, as long as they are put to work, or get plenty of playtime and exercise, they will remain a loyal companion to their family.

You can train them to fetch things, pull things, herd, push and many other skills. They are very fast learners and are keen to do so, they are a dog that wants to be kept busy.

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3. Our third reason is their intelligence, in fact, they are one of the most intelligent breeds of dog out there. This breed can be taught many different tricks, and can do jobs where other breeds fail.

This is not a backyard dog that will keep you company in the evenings, if not kept stimulated with training and exercise and given plenty to do, he will quickly become bored, and can end up becoming a nuisance dog, chewing furniture and such.

australian shepherd

4. They make good guard dogs is the fourth reason in our list. This is due to them being a herding dog naturally, which involves barking, so they do like to bark, and will bark at anything unusual.

That being said, you need to train them as to what is unusual and ok to bark at, or he will be barking at neighbors, dogs, cats, and everything else that comes near. It is a good thing to get them used to other people, and give them plenty of interacting moments with friends and neighbors, so he learns the difference between friends and strangers.

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5. Fifth on our list is they make great show dogs. They are a very obedient dog, which can be trained to show dog level as they are very willing to please. You can begin training this breed at a very early age, and it is highly recommended that you do so.

Keep in mind, that they will pick up training skills at an early age, which is something other breeds find very difficult.

10 Things Only Husky Parents Will Appreciate

10 Things Only Husky Parents Will Appreciate

Huskies are incredibly stunning dogs, they look beautiful. Soft, thick coats those piercing eyes and the incredible masking on their faces, give them an amazing look.

So what else makes them so special…..

husky wolf
1.  How many people have stopped you to ask “Is that a wolf?” when they see you out and about with your pup.



2. Siberians happen to shed a very great deal.

I mean a lot. If you want a Siberian, then be ready for hair on absolutely everything.

Anyone allergic to dog hair (actually dander is the real issue not hair) then this dog is not going to be for you.

You must be prepared to start grooming at a very young age.

Because you really need them to look forward to the experience. It will be something you will be doing every day.



3. Can They really be that bad a watch dog?

Well actually yes!

They might look like wolves and seem pretty scary and fierce to the average person but, in reality they would rather lick you to death, than attack you.

If you’re jealous of your dog giving attention to other people, then siberians will disappoint you, they are dogs that like to be with everyone.



4. High Energy

These guys need a vast amount of physical and mental stimulation.

After all they were bred to pull sleds in freezing cold temperatures over vast distances.

So it makes sense that they will need this.

They need a lot of play time, long,long walks, probably every day. It’s best to employ structured play sessions as well.

If they don’t get the exercise they need they will be very unhappy, leading to destruction and escape attempts.

Not the kind of dog left at home for hours at a time.



5. Some would say disobedient or stubborn.

I tend to believe they are free thinkers.

They have an independent mind, they will do as you wish, but only if you treat them with fairness and consistency.

That also includes all family members.

They need to understand that to get what they want, then they have to do what is required of them.

To use harsh trying methods on a Husky is courting disaster.

Patience, firmness and kindness are prerequisites.

12 Things Appreciated Only By Pug Owners

12 Things Appreciated Only By Pug Owners

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1.The wrinkles on a Pug’s head are highly valued because it’s said that they form what looks like Chinese Characters.

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2. Pugs do not get colds any more frequently than other dogs, but when they do it’s more noticeable. It might appear that they are more prone because of the increased level of related noises, such as snorting or wheezing etc. It could also be an allergy, seasonal or otherwise. With the Pug being a brachycephalic breed colds can turn into viruses. This can happen to any dog. But the Pug’s compacted nasal passages make this more common. A cold can turn into a respiratory or nasal infection, which will need antibiotics to treat.

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3. Although some Pugs do like to swim, they are not considered very good swimmers. Their short legs and difficulty with breathing pretty much guarantees it.

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4. Some Pugs have been clocked at speeds in excess of 3-5 mph. But only on a good day and if a treat or two is involved.

5. Pugs may have been around since 400 BC making them the oldest known breed of dog. Practically Royalty!

a cute Pug dog lying on a plaid

6. They have some serious attitude, that’s for sure. Because of this there is a Latin phrase “multi in parvo” that is quite often used to describe them. It means “ A lot of dog in a small space”

10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Own A German Shepherd

10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Own A German Shepherd

Non dog lovers might see a German Shepherd and think they must be a handful and can look a little scary. Especially when they see images of them being trained with Police forces etc.
So we thought it would be a good idea if we showed you why you shouldn’t get one.   😉

1. Can’t find a cute German Shepherd Puppy Anywhere

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2. They Are Terrible Around Children


3. Probably A Very Bad Idea Is To Get More Than One Of Them



4. You Can’t Say They Are Photogenic



5. You Couldn’t Rely On Them To Protect And Keep You Safe


Are You Seriously Thinking About Adding A Dachshund To Your Family

Are You Seriously Thinking About Adding A Dachshund To Your Family

If so then this article will help you determine if a Doxy is right for you and your family.

Dachshunds are adorable and many Dachshund parents would never have any other breed, however like any breed Dachshunds have a certain set of personality traits that may or may not be what you are looking for in a pet.

Following is list of questions compiled to assist you in finding out whether a Dachshund is the right choice for you as a pet.

The questions do not address all the characteristic traits of the breed, but rather indicates certain traits that are responsible for many Dachshunds ending up in a shelter or rescue.

Also, not every Dachshund exhibit all the traits listed below, and a few may exhibit none of the traits, however the behavior cited below is usually pretty common for Dachshunds.

Read each question carefully and reflect on how a pet behaving as explained will affect you and your family.

Do you know that Dachshunds are not that good with kids?

If your family includes small children, then make sure that you find out about how a particular dog behaves when in the proximity of children before you decide to bring the dog into your family.

Because of their long spine and short legs Dachshunds are prone to injury and can be easily hurt if they are picked up in the wrong way or when children accidentally trip over them or fall on them. Children below the age of five should not be allowed to be near small dogs, especially Dachshunds, without an adult present.

Do you know that Dachshunds are not very fond of big dogs?

Dachshunds are usually bossy and like to dominate those around them, be it human or other dogs.

Many Dachshunds are particularly not fond of big dogs and will start to snap and growl or even try their best to dominate the bigger dogs without regard to their own safety.

This may become a problem when you enter a dog park or even when a friend with a bigger dog visits your home.

Do you know that a Dachshund is usually wary of strangers?

Dachshunds are very cautious and usually bark at strangers including people, cats, other dogs, in fact, they bark at anything strange that moves.

They also never fail to alert you the instant an intruder enters their area. The intruder can be a person or an animal or it can just be a leaf floating into your yard.

Are you ready for a pet that growls and snaps at anything and everything strange?

Do you know that Dachshunds love to dig?

Dachshunds love to borrow which means this breed may not be the best choice for you if you have a lawn and intend to keep it maintained beautifully.

On the other hand, this digging tendency can be kept under control if you can limit your Dachshund’s unsupervised time on the lawn. However, this craving to borrow becomes an obsessive compulsion for some Dachshunds. In addition, Dachshunds also like to roll on dirt or other horrible smelling stuff and sometimes even eat dirt.

The rolling in dirt tendency comes from its hunting background, a behavior most likely developed to camouflage its own smell.

This behavior can be addressed by minimizing the unsupervised time spent by your Dachshund outdoors.

Do you know that you may have to keep your Dachshund on leash at all times outdoors?

Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt and to this day they retain their passion to hunt and because of this it’s quite common for a Dachshund to sprint off the instant it spots a prey or anything worth pursuing.

You will also find that it is quite impossible to call them back unless they are done with their exploring and ready to make their way back to you.

This is in fact very true as can be attested by numerous despairing Dachshund owners.

Of course, you may be a Dachshund owner for years and have had your pet off leash outdoors for countless hours without this ever happening, but the fact is that this may happen yet, and it’s always better to be on the safer side than despair later on like many Dachshund owners.

It is strongly advised never to let your Dachshund off leash when you take your pet anywhere outside a fenced area.

12 Reasons Why You Should Never Own A Dachshund

12 Reasons Why You Should Never Own A Dachshund

You would be a little crazy to allow a Dachshund into your life. Here’s why.  😉 

Red Dachshund Puppy on Porch

1. You Can Never, Ever Find A Cute Dachshund Puppy Anywhere

Long Haired Miniature Dachshund Looking out a Window

2. They Don’t Really Care about You Or When You Get Home

dachshund dog and puppy

3. They Make Terrible Moms’

Dachshund Puppy

4. And – If They Aren’t Cute When They’re Puppies – Then they Only Get Worse As They Get Older!


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5. Why Is It They Never Listen To You?

more than one

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6. The Very Worst Thing You Can Do Is Have More Than One!