6 Reasons Walking Your Dachshund Is Essential

A Dachshund’s compact size may mislead some owners to think that running about their house is sufficient exercise for them. They cannot be more wrong as walking a Dachshund is vital for its physical as well as psychological well being.

Some owners prefer to carry their Dachshund around all the time, hardly every letting them down.

It’s true that Dachshunds love to be hugged, but they also desperately need some exercise.
Here are a few reasons why walking your Dachshund is absolutely necessary.

# 1. Training Is Done Best While Walking

It’s a well known fact that dachshunds can be willful, but they are also incredibly smart and eager to learn new things. Many dachshunds are abandoned in shelters due to the failure of their owners to train them correctly, resulting in a willful dog that dictates the household.

A few fortunate dachshunds are collected by Dachshund rescue clubs and dropped in foster homes to be properly trained, and then put up for adoption. This lamentable experience can be avoided for both you and the dachshund by training the dog effectively and the perfect time to initiate the proper training techniques is while walking your dachshund.

The first rule is for you to walk your dog and not the other way around. Reinforce your alpha status from the very beginning and show him that you are in control; otherwise you will not be able to teach him anything.

Begin with small lessons that can be easily picked up by your dachshund. A properly trained dachshund brings joy to its owner and family and will really make you feel immense pride in your little family member.

# 2. Walking Helps To Keep Dachshunds Weight Under Control

Dachshunds, like any other small breed dogs, tend to gain weight easily and this can lead to serious back problems for the dogs. Being overweight is the main cause for most Dachshunds’ back problems, which can escalate to a point when surgery is the only option or it can even cause paralysis of their hind legs.

Originally bred to be highly active and sturdy dogs, the Dachshund’s long backs are not designed to withstand more than their normal body weight. An obese Dachshund should be exercised regularly and should be given a healthy and balanced diet.

Walking your Dachshund helps not just to stimulate his muscles but his internal organs too, which significantly helps to prevent various problems like liver conditions and back pain.

# 3. Walking Helps To Keep Boredom Away

Dachshunds are inherently very smart and clever, and need challenging activities to keep them engaged. They were initially bred for hunting and are well known for their ability to track, work hard and think for themselves.

However, today most Dachshunds are raised as pets but still they need some challenging tasks and spend some time outdoors to prevent depression and boredom. Walking is the best solution for keeping your dog active and healthy.

# 4. Socializing While Walking Your Dachshund

Dachshunds are social creatures and love the company of humans as well as other dogs. Socializing helps them to learn how to conduct themselves around humans and animals, and it also helps to maintain their overall health. Without socializing a dog can become edgy and restless when they meet people and sometimes they may even bite them.

Dachshunds kept inside the house all the time can become problematic when they have to visit a vet or when you must take them somewhere. Dachshunds that have little or no interaction with others are often afraid and terrified of the world outside their home.

Start socializing your Dachshund by taking him out for a short walk every day and let him meet other dogs and people. A best way to accomplish this is to take your Dachshund to a nearby dog park. Just remember to check if the dog park has separate section dedicated to small breed dogs to avoid risky encounters with big, unruly dogs.

Initially, try to visit the park when there are few people and dogs around just so that your dog is not intimidated during his first few visits. Your dogs may stick to your side at first but a Dachshund’s inherent curiosity will make him want to explore and sniff out his fellow dogs in no time.

# 5. Walking Overcomes Dachshunds Fearful Nature

Many Dachshunds, because of their small stature, can be frightened of loud sounds, objects much bigger than them and in time become fearful of everything outside the comfort of their family and home. This fearful nature can be easily overcome by taking your Dachshunds for walks regularly and allowing him to meet and interact with other dogs and people.

This will help them to learn that the outside world is a place to enjoy and not fear.

It may take some time, but with patience and simple lessons, your dog will eventually begin to enjoy and be eager to go out for his regular walks with you. While walking your Dachshund ensure that you have a good and sturdy leash because though Dachshunds look small, they are very strong.

They can bolt if something frightens them and the sudden jerk can break a feeble leash easily or the leash can be jerked out from your hold. It’s dangerous to let lose a frightened dog as they can run into a busy road or may refuse to return.

# 6. When Walking Your Dachshund Is Not Possible

A Dachshund’s small stature and affectionate nature make them a popular choice as pet. They love to be hugged and snuggled, so it’s no wonder Dachshunds are preferred by those who live alone or in apartments, and are not able to or do not wish to take their dogs out for a walk.

In case walking your Dachshund regularly is not feasible for you then looking for a good dog walker may be the ideal solution. Make sure that you get a dog walker who you can trust your pet with, and also whether they have previous experience walking small breed dogs and are aware of your Dachshund’s needs.
If you’re not comfortable with hiring a dog walker then you can look into day care centers for dogs.

Nowadays, such centers are very common and you are sure to find one near your veterinarian’s office or dog training academies. If you decide that this is the best option for you then make sure to visit the center and check their facilities. Also, check whether they are equipped to handle the needs of your Dachshund.

Day care center employees must know how to pick up a Dachshund properly, as their long backs are prone to injury with improper handling, or insufficient supervision. Also be careful not to let them twist and turn, supervise them around larger dogs that might accidentally hurt them during play, and not let them climb or jump on anything.

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13 Reasons Why You Need To Get A Dachshund

13 Reasons Why You Need To Get A Dachshund

Wet puppy in a bucket, isolated on white.

Getting a Dachshund can be a real easy emotional decision. You see an unbearably cute puppy and you want one!

But not the best way to decide to jump in. After all dogs are messy, they poop…… a lot! They even eat their poop sometimes.

They want to go out in the rain, they want to find the muddiest puddles to jump around and roll in. Then they want to drag all that dirt and muck into your home.

Not only that given half a chance they want to transfer it all onto your sofa.

Let’s not get started on the cost involved.
Yes Dachshunds are a lot of work, aren’t they?

But don’t let any of that put you off. They are without doubt the best thing that can happen to any family. Dachshunds are wonderful companions, they are totally loving and they give their love unconditionally.

So here are 13 reasons why you should get a Dachshund………

Mother Dachshund, 4 years old, and her puppies, 5 weeks old, in front of white background

1. Dachshunds Make the Perfect Companion

No matter if one lives alone, with a spouse, have children or no children, a dog can be that ideal companion and friend. Imagine having a friend you’re confident one can share joys, hurts, and secrets with and knowing that your friend will never tell on you.

When life gets busy, children become involved in sports and school and their own lives, and the spouse works all the time, the fur friend sitting at home is living for the moment when you step through the door after work.

When everyone’s life is chaotic and focused on other things, man’s best friend waits anxiously all day for his owner to return from work. His life is centered around spending time with his human buddy.

Red Dachshund Puppy on Porch

2.  Empathize With Human Pain and Sickness

When you’re sick and hurting physically or mentally, there is something within the DNA of a dog that allows it the ability to recognize that you’re hurt or sick. Dogs will often curl up with you on the sofa or bed, lie next to you, and be a friend when you’re unwell.

Often known to never leave the side of their sick or hurt owners, a dog’s loyalty and love kicks in greater than ever and becomes even more noticeable during your down times. 

doxy 6

3.  Help You Improve Your Health

What better motivation to exercise than being forced to walk your dog daily? Although walking your dog is primarily to keep your carpet from getting soiled, daily walks also serves as a healthy exercise for both you and your dog.