10 Dog Breeds That Match Owners Personalities

10 Dog Breeds That Match Owners Personalities

What does the dog you choose to spend your life with, say about you?

Of course dogs come in many breeds, all shapes and sizes and no size fits all.

Dogs have varied temperaments, even within the same breed, so is it possible for a dog parent’s personality to mirror that of their dog?

Well studies do seem to say that the dog we choose can actually say a lot about us. 

How similar do you think you are to your dog?

cute english bulldog puppy in the grass

1. English Bulldog

English Bulldog owners are usually calm and have a easygoing attitude.

You are very systematic and always looking for the most efficient and the easiest way to get a job done.

You enjoy a good laugh and prefer a relaxed lifestyle, but you can also be a bit stubborn at times. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy (8 weeks old)

2. Spaniel

If the Spaniel is your favorite breed then you’re most probably a gentle soul with a sweet and charming personality.

You can be polite to a fault but you are very tough and will not let anyone take advantage of you.

Though you pursue an active lifestyle, family is your top priority and love spending quality time with them and your close circle of friends.

Boxer Dog

3. Boxer

You’re a funny soul and people like you for it.

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade with relish.

You lead a busy life surrounded by lots of friends.

source flickr.com

4. Schnauzer

If you’re a fan of Schnauzer then you are very organized and hate clutter.

You have the ability to adjust to any given situation.

When presented with a problem you try to solve it by yourself before asking for help from others, but you are also ready to look into others viewpoints if necessary.

GR post

source flickr.com

5. Golden Retriever

You’re an intelligent, honest and friendly person who loves to help those in need.

You do a lot of volunteering work and donate whenever you can. It’s rare for you to sit in front of a TV; you would rather spend time with your family and friends, preferably outdoors.


6. Mastiff

You’re those brooding silent types that ooze confidence and strength.

Some of you may be willful, dominant and sometimes obstinate.

On the other hand you take pleasure in making people happy and will do anything to protect those you love.

You may shun public display of affection but you’re a romantic at heart.

11 Funny Things Dog Owners Secretly Do

11 Funny Things Dog Owners Secretly Do

puppy name

source flickr.com

1. You are waiting for your new puppy to arrive and in the meantime checked out cute puppy names on Google. Discussed name ideas with your partner as if you were expecting a newborn baby.

dog feeding

source flickr.com

2. Conveniently forgot about your house rules “no feeding at the table” and dropped bits of food down by your feet. Accidentally on purpose forgetting to pick them up.

dog food

source flickr.com

3. You spend more time examining the reviews and ratings for different brands and makes of dog food and dog treats than you spend reading the nutrition facts on your own food.

Kissing woman and dog

4. You wouldn’t dream of sharing a drink with a friend or family member because you worry about the germs. But you let your dog lick your face anytime.

talk to dog

5. Constantly talk to your dog, then answer for them out loud.

10 Dogs Behaving More Like Humans Than Humans

10 Dogs Behaving More Like Humans Than Humans

1. Two dogs Face-Off in front of a fence. All they had to do was step around it!


2. Who needs this treat stealing “Friend?”


3. A Puppy Opens His Mouth Wide For Another Spoonful Of Yoghurt



4. “Why Have You Set Fire To my Food?”


5. When This Pug Sees The Camera He Gets All Dramatic


6. We aren’t the only ones that love a relaxing “Spa treatment”



7. Who doesn’t like bouncing on a trampoline?


8. A small dog really enjoying licking this ice cream, then the bigger dog steals it in one bite.


9. A dog play fighting, gets bitten falls over and pretends to be dead..


10. A dog runs away and tries to hide and closes the door behind him, all to avoid a bath.


11 Dog Breeds That Match Their Owners Personality

11 Dog Breeds That Match Their Owners Personality

“We go for dogs that are a bit like us, just as we go for a romantic partner who is a bit like us.” says Lance Workman, the subject leader for psychology at Bath Spa University, United Kingdom.

A lot of research has gone into finding out what inspires an individual to pick a particular type of pet.

You may think that your choice of pet was not a subconscious choice, but it’s very likely that you will choose a pet that mirrors your personality.

A lot can be said about a person by their favorite breed of dog.

Let’s see what your pet says about you!

German Shepherd

German Shepherd
If your favorite breed is the German Shepherd or other herding dogs like sheepdogs then you are more likely to be an extrovert.

You may have no problem with following orders, but you’re definitely not a pushover.

You are fearless but not antagonistic and very cautious but eager to please.


Dachshunds in the garden

If you own a Dachshund then you are definitely a food lover.

Your thoughts and sentiments are governed by your quest for food.

Lounging on the couch with your favorite snack is what you consider to be the perfect day, and you don’t feel guilty about it at all! You love to be around people and enjoy parties, but you can also be a little stubborn at times.


puppy chihuahua

Chihuahua owners are rather versatile in nature.

You can be open, resilient or curious, imaginative and eager for new experiences. You are tidy and meticulous, and very loyal to your friends.

You also love to be the center of attention wherever you are.


Beagle puppy

Beagle owners are calm, consistent and very curious.

You are that person who must know every little detail about everything.

You are a data bank of information, which means you are the go to person when someone wants to find something and you love it.

Great Dane

great dane

Source flickr.com

Fearless and faithful, you are not afraid to put your heart on display.

You’re a very responsible person and work hard to achieve the best in everything you do.

You love a hectic schedule, but at the same time you also know when to take a break and unwind.

14 Dog Breeds That Love Humans More Than Dogs

14 Dog Breeds That Love Humans More Than Dogs

Your dog need not be hostile towards other dogs in order to like humans more that their own kind.

It just happens that some dogs relish the petting, cuddling and of course the regular treats that they can get only from a human and may seek out their company even when other dogs are around to play with.

Though it’s not possible to definitely state that a particular breed will like humans more than other dogs or the other way around, some dog breeds do give the impression that they prefer to stick with their human companions as compared to their four-legged friends. 

Below is a list of dog breeds that we think are happier when they are tucked close to their human companion than their furry friends.

American true-bred collie

1: Collie

Every Collie owner can attest to the fact that this breed just loves human company.

This extremely lovable and charming breed is possibly the most human-friendly among all breeds and takes great care of their owners.

They are very proud, but they are also exceptionally loyal, so loyal that even if they may be enjoying the company of other dogs they will come to you often for a pat or reassurance.

Moreover, they are very tolerant and will allow you to take some liberties with them.

Image source Flickr.com

2: Maltese

Most of the toy and miniature breeds like to stay by the side of their owners.

A Labrador might jump right into the dirt the instant it enters a dog park and romp with the other dogs, but a Bichon Frise or the Maltese is most likely to stick by your side, really close or it may move away for a bit and run back to you frequently for a pat or a rub.

Of course, there are some miniature breeds like the Chihuahua that sizzle up while in company of another Chihuahua, but the Maltese, the Bichon Frise and the Brussels Griffon and a number of other similar sized dogs give the impression that they prefer the petting, cuddling by humans and a warm bed.

english bulldog portrait

3: Bulldog

They may be all wrinkled up and funny looking, but the Bulldogs are one of the most people-pleasing and the friendliest breed of all.

They are very tolerant and calm, and they don’t mind if your toddler trips over them accidently or pull their ears.

Heavy set and panting constantly, Bulldogs may prefer to avoid romping in the park, but you can be sure to count on your Bulldog to cuddle up by your side while you watch your favorite TV show marathon.

Finally: Scientific Proof Dogs Really Do Love Us Like Family

Finally: Scientific Proof Dogs Really Do Love Us Like Family

Every dog lover and each dog parent has millions of questions regarding what their adorable companion thinks and dreams, or about what goes on in between those dog ears while you play, train or just cuddle up on the couch for the evening.

We dog lovers are already aware of the fact that our dogs love us. Of course, one cannot have any doubt about it as you can witness it by the way they look at you or smile at you. Moreover, they show their love for us with every wag of their tail!

Though we may be sure of our dog’s love for us, one cannot but wonder at times about how much they love us or what it is that our pets actually get from this relationship.

Due to the hard work of some scientists and their relentless pursuit to understand the complicated relationship between human and dog we can now have answers to at least some of those million questions.

As stated in an article by Mic, “Not only do dogs seem to love us back, they actually see us as their family. It turns out that dogs rely on humans more than they do their own kind for affection, protection and everything in between.”


It’s no secret that dogs use their sense of smell to understand their surroundings. Based on this knowledge, a neuroimaging study was undertaken by the Emory University scientists to record how a dog’s brain processes its sense of smell.