Definitive Guide To Companies That Have Free Products And Secret Menus For Your Dog

Definitive Guide To Companies That Have Free Products And Secret Menus For Your Dog

This is a must read for those who belong to the ‘I take my dog EVERYWHERE I go’ club. Only those belonging to this club understand the compelling need to take their pet with them everywhere. However, there are establishments that have a ‘No Pets Allowed’ sign making it hard for you to take your dog along with you. So all you can do is look out for places that recognizes how vital it is to have your pet by your side, whether you are enjoying a long weekend in a resort, having dinner at a fancy restaurant, or just making a quick stop for that much needed cup of caffeine.

For your convenience following is a list of 25 companies that are ready to welcome and pamper not just you but your four-legged companion too.


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1: In-N-Out

This chain’s “secret menu” includes The Flying Dutchman, an order for your dog that contains two patties of beef topped with double cheese slice. Though this is not your traditional dog food, the buzz is that this item was put together at an In-N-Out location to cater for their customers’ pets.


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2: Starbucks

Starbucks’ secret doggie menu offers Puppuccino, a heavenly concoction of whipped cream in a small cup for your pup. So now you can pamper your dog too when you make your next stop at Starbucks for your fix of latte.

Warning: Dairy products, including ice cream are items listed by WebMD as foods to be avoided for your dog. Some dogs are not tolerant to dairy products and if your dog is one of those with a delicate tummy, then it is strongly advised that you get a Starbucks cup only for you and indulge your pet with his regular treat.


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3: Shake Shack

Shake Shack has some lip-smacking desserts just for your dog in their exclusive secret menu. Their top seller is the Pooch-ini, a yummy dessert that has peanut butter sauce on dog biscuits with vanilla custard. Another item that you might want to try for your pet when you’re enjoying your fries is the Bag O’Bones prepared by Bocce’s Bakery. This delectable treat contains five ShackBurger dog biscuits in a bag.


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4: Rock & Brews

This restaurant welcomes your pet into their patio and will offer a free bowl of fresh water for your dog on request. To top that they also have a menu put together just for your beloved pet. Can you think of a better place to dine out with your dog?


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5: Dairy queen

This royal dessert p(a)lace has a secret that you might want to know and it’s the Pup Cup. Next time you visit the Dairy Queen with your dog ask for a Pup Cup and your dog will get a mini soft serve vanilla ice cream at no cost! This is what we call a Royal Treat(ment)!

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6: Johnny Rockets

Three Dog Bakery and Johnny Rockets offers an exclusive doggie menu just for your pet at select locations. This menu includes doggy hamburgers, ice creams, pupcakes and carob ruffles. too specially designed for your adorable pet. All Johnny Rockets outlets are dog-friendly and will offer a bowl of fresh water on request.


Image Source (April 7, 2014 – Source: Bauergriffin.Com)

7: Le Pain Quotidienne

It’s hard for you to find a better restaurant than this where you can enjoy a plate of pastry with your dog by your side. In addition to welcoming your pet into their domain some Le Pain Quotidienne outlets keep dog treats for your pets on their tables and if this is not available their friendly and courteous staff offers the treats to their four legged clients.

15 Dog Breeds You Should Probably Avoid Even If You Think They Are Adorable

If you are looking to get a new dog there are literally hundreds of different breeds to choose from and each have their own singular look, specific purpose and distinctive personality traits.

Many first time dog seekers think they are sure about a particular breed of dog, but oftentimes discover that their dog which first looked like the perfect choice turns out to be too much for them to handle in the long run. This is the reason why most dog trainers recommend people to keep away from specific dog breeds.

There are many breeds that are becoming top choices for many first time dog owners just for their looks, but unfortunately most of them end up in shelters once their first time owners realize they are unable to handle them.
Following is a list of 15 breeds that might look like the perfect choice for you but you should probably stay away from.

#1: Dutch Shepherd

This is another popular working dog, especially in military and police, and has many traits very similar to the Belgian Malinois.

So, they too need constant activity and without sufficient work they will turn out to be not just uncooperative but also violent and hard to control.

#2: Belgian Malinois

The Belgian Malinois shot to fame when it was broadcasted that this breed played a role in bringing down Osama Bin Laden. This breed is in fact the most adaptable and multitalented police dog, but it’s a fact that this is a working dog and so needs some job to expend its boundless energy.

Belgian Melinois is most often specifically bred for the purpose of protection and moreover their passion, power and aggressive traits make this breed a not so wise choice for those looking for a pet.

#3: Border Collie

This breed is becoming very popular as a pet mainly because of its reputation as a working dog. Border Collies are very clever and require constant work to keep them occupied.

This breed can turn out some amazing tricks, but at the same time they have to be out in the field herding, undergoing aggressive training or working through agility classes to remain content.

Though Border Collies might look small their passion and power can be too much for the expectations of an average dog owner.

#4: Patterdale Terrier

Patterdale Terriers are fast rising in popularity in the terrier hunting category and even though they have a few similar traits with other breed of pet terriers, this particular breed of dogs are very aggressive and forceful.

They may look small, but they are specifically bred as working dogs and are most likely to become a burden when handled by novice dog owners.

12 Least Obedient Dog Breeds

12 Least Obedient Dog Breeds

With the right attitude, any canine companion responds to appropriate training – most of the time,

the responsiveness of a particular dog often has to do with the style of

training, and the amount of attention and time given to teaching your pup in the first place!

Having said that, there are definitely other factors that pet owners should think about when it comes to beginning to teach your dog the basics of obedience.

Age, size, experience, and yes, breed can all play a part in how easy (or difficult) it can be to train your pup.

For one reason or another, there are several breeds that seem to love presenting a challenge to their long-suffering owners – let’s take a look at 10 of the most stubborn dog breeds.


purebred afghan hound

1. Afghan Hound

Testing has placed the Afghan Hound breed among those with the least genetic divergence from the wolf on some markers, meaning that it’s descended from some of the oldest dog types.

Perhaps this is the reason Afghans can be challenging when it comes to obedience – bred for long distance hunting, these long haired, graceful dogs are aloof and independent to the extreme!

Afghans needed to rely on their own judgement when hunting in their native areas, and they’re definitely the free-thinkers of the canine world.

They’re far from dumb, but you’re not going to have an easy time teaching your Afghan to obey your every whim – they’re more likely to just do their own thing.

2. Basenji

With their distinct character traits, Basenjis can be some of the most endearing, yet frustrating breeds to own.

Another ancient hunting breed that closely resembles a dingo, the Basenji is a busy, inquisitive pup with a keen and clever intelligence, and one who often couldn’t care less about what his owner wants!

Let them off the leash at your own risk – unless they feel particularly motivated, they’ll be far more interested in chasing whatever catches their attention instead of returning to your side.

Basenji owners soon learn that very consistent, positive reinforcement and strong leadership is a must.
a cute Pug dog lying on a plaid

3. Pug

Easy to fall in love with at first sight, Pugs are huge personalities in small bodies. After being captivated by their big brown eyes, funny faces and stubby bodies, however, you might find that a Pug’s personality isn’t quite what you expected – they’re independent, naughty, and have a penchant for getting into absolutely everything – especially if it’s edible!

The good news is that because of their large appetites, Pugs respond well to food rewards, but don’t be surprised if punishing or correcting your little snort-face isn’t effective – they don’t tend to change their ways easily.

These little dogs also have a reputation for avoiding the harsh elements – many refuse to eliminate outside in rain, snow or colder weather, and will often prefer to happily potty indoors instead!
White Chow-chow Dog

4. Chow Chow

As a large and powerful breed that originated from Imperial China, the Chow Chow doesn’t lack for intelligence, but like many other dogs on this list, possesses a strong will and unique sense of independence.

They just don’t have that immense desire to please like some other breeds! (ahem, looking at you, Golden Retrievers)
For many Chow owners, this isn’t a bad thing, but can lead to some frustrating times for those new to the imperious, dignified and initially suspicious nature of the breed.

They prefer to please themselves first and don’t respond to the average methods of training and motivation, and physical correction and punishment just serves to make them fearful or likely to lash out.

Treating the Chow with respect and using a variety of positive training styles can help increase your bond and the level of response from your Chow.
Bloodhound puppy

5. Bloodhound

You can probably guess why Bloodhounds make the list here – their selective hearing is caused by…you guess it…their noses!

These ponderous hounds are the best of the best when it comes to scent tracking, and although they are naturally docile and gentle as adults, it can be very, very hard to redirect their attention back to you if they catch wind of something more interesting.

The Bloodhound is such an excellent tracker the breed is used worldwide for many rescue or criminal searches, and a Bloodhound’s evidence is even admissible in a court of law in some places. These hounds are another breed that should never be left alone off leash – instinct will lead them to wander off to follow a scent in a flash.


6. Pekingese

Dating back 8th-century China, Pekingese were one of the breeds prized in the emperor’s court – having sat on the laps of kings and queens with free reign of imperial palaces, they still haven’t gotten over that entitled attitude!

Pekes are intelligent, dignified and confident, and have their own definite ideas about life, from how they’re being petted to where they like to sleep – and being fearless, they have no qualms about expressing those opinions, either.

This breed thrives on attention, but firm boundaries are a good idea as they can quickly become protective and snappish without the right socialization and training.

English Mastiff in garden

7. Mastiff

“What’s in it for me?” could easily be a common question that you would hear from Mastiffs – if they could talk, of course. As a giant breed with a powerful frame of immense mass, they find it easy to remain immovable to our commands – much to the frustration of many!

They’re not particularly quick to pick up the finer distinctions during training either, so more time, patience, and repetition is usually needed to get through to a Mastiff.

Luckily, they also happen to be usually docile, gentle friends when they’re well-socialized, so rewards and games to help them learn tend to be quite effective.

10 Of The Cuddliest Dog Breeds You Will Ever Meet

10 Of The Cuddliest Dog Breeds You Will Ever Meet

If you love dogs you surely love to cuddle them.

It doesn’t matter what their size is either. It could be a tiny Chihuahua or a Boxer we love to cuddle them and they love to cuddle back.
Here is a list of 10 of the cuddliest.

Now this list is my own preference, a lot of people will disagree with some or even all of the choices.
But I would love to hear which dog breeds you think give better cuddles.
By the way this list is not in any particular order.

yorkie with face resting on ground

Yorkshire Terrier

A zippy, feisty little dog, with a personality as big as a house.

They have exceptionally strong personalities and love to be in control. They love to be held and cuddled, but equally enjoy going for decent walks.
The Yorkie might be a companion dog, but his temperament is definitely terrier.

They are the archetypal ‘big dog, in a small dog’s body’ and they let you know it.

Because of their small size they don’t really do well with very small children, although it’s always dangerous to make generalizations like that.

If a young child is gentle then there’s no reason why a Yorkie won’t make a wonderful addition to the family.
Happy adult brindle boxer dog resting on grass facing the camera


Boxers get 5 stars for their level of affection. They love their family with a passion.

This also extends to thinking they are really a lap dog. Their size is no hindrance to them when it comes to climbing on board a willing lap.

They have a mischievous, sweet and slightly silly personality. But it’s this nature that makes them so attractive.

If a Boxer is well bred and well socialized they are amazing with children, family and people that they know.

pit bull

source Robert “Berto” Bennett @flickr

Pit Bull

When pit bull lovers think about words to describe them they come up with words like – Smart, loyal, playful, beautiful, entertaining,behaved, relaxed, Loving and simply awesome.
On top of all that they really are a cuddly dog.

They are not everyone’s choice and being on this list might surprise a few people. But Pit lovers, and I have met a few, plus my family had a Staffie when I was a child, absolutely love them.

young woman with labrador retriever


Well as the Labrador is the number one dog in the US and has been for many years, it must have something very special going for it, and of course it really does.

They have such a sweet disposition it’s no wonder they are used for therapy, service and a host of other jobs.

They are a beautiful looking dog, both as a puppy and adult.

But they just love to cuddle, they are affectionate, and will follow you everywhere. Great for families as well. Eager to please and always kindly and good-natured. There’s not much that warms the heart more than coming home to that ever wagging tail.

They require some serious exercise or they will get bored easily.

What Would you Wish For Your Dog – If You Could?

What Would you Wish For Your Dog – If You Could?

Most people love their dogs just the way they are and wouldn’t change a thing. Be that as it may, it is not unusual to have favorite wishes for your dog.

In this article, we will review some of the top wishes people have for their dogs and provide advice that will help those wishes come true.

Read on to learn more.


wishes 1

1. I Wish My Dog Could Tell Me What He Wants!

Many people wish that they could communicate with their dogs better. In fact, they often wish that their dogs could speak.

Of course, you never know! A talking dog might end up being more annoying than helpful.
Luckily, dogs do communicate in many other ways.

By spending time with your dog, you can learn to read his or her body language very well. Additionally, when you talk with your dog and use the same words to mean the same things consistently, your dog will build quite a vocabulary!

You’d be surprised by how much your dog can really understand you.

10 ‘Drama Queen’ Dogs

10 ‘Drama Queen’ Dogs

Some dogs go through life with a carefree attitude; head held high and tail wagging. Other breeds, however, are not so adaptable, becoming overly emotional at the figurative drop of a hat. Let’s take a look at some of the most notorious ‘drama queen’ dog breeds out there!

portrait of a cute purebred  puppy chihuahua

1. Chihuahua

Although Chihuahuas tend to be outgoing little canine sprites, they’re also not afraid to voice their opinion when the situation isn’t too their liking.

Perhaps their small size plays a factor in how much they tend to overreact in response to the smallest of inconveniences!

These pint sized pups have been known to shriek, scream, bark, growl and snap when they feel frightened or defensive, as veterinarians and dog groomers everywhere will confirm.

While they’re fearless in the presence of family members, when faced with the unknown, they quickly morph into the clingy little lap dogs that they really are at heart.

cute pug dog laying on weigh scales

2. Pug

Most dog lovers are aware that Pugs are a breed that can best be described as ‘big personality, small package’.

They’re fun-loving pups who love to be right in the thick of the action, and they’re easygoing and tolerant for the most part…except when they’re not!

Pugs are far from shy when it comes to demanding your attention – if they think that you’re not giving them 100% of your affection, they’ll quickly let you know.

Pugs also have the reputation of turning on the drama-works whenever they need to be held still for any reason – merely trying to perform just a simple nail trim on a Pug is enough to elicit a superhuman struggle from them, along with barking, howling, and other silly antics. Whew!