Are you a proud parent of a dachshund? Then chances are you have experienced all or at least most of the below mentioned 9 things. Every dachshund owner is aware of the many delights in having a cute wiener dog.

#1: Tolerate nicknames like “Wiener Dog”

Sometimes it’s really hard to keep your cool when some punk kids holler out nicknames or even when your friends come up with “cool” jokes in the “Wiener Dog” category. The best way to handle is to keep your lips turned upwards, or better yet is to come up with a few jokes of your own and join the fun.

doxy three

#2: Maintain your lawn regularly to keep it short

If you don’t want your adorable pet to trip or get lost in your overgrown lawn, or you don’t want to carry your dog every time it wants to make a trip to the backyard then it’s best to mow your lawn regularly.

doxy four

#3: Relentless comparison of your dog to a hot dog

If you are lucky then this is likely to happen at least once a day, and if you’re out of luck then be prepared to put up a brave front. Think up some inventive comparisons (veiled insults!) for your friend’s dog and deliver it with a smile!


Image By Kelly

#4: Dachshunds like to sit just like humans

This is because they believe that they are humans. Dachshunds are very bossy and think they are the head of the household. Keep your doxie under a tight leash otherwise you will be dancing to your dog’s tune in no time!

little boy sharing a cookie with his dog

#5: Dachshunds love to eat anything and everything!

‘The puppy dog look’ truly must have originated from this breed as it’s very hard to resist “that look” they give when they beg for food. It’s very easy to over-feed your dachshund, so keep a close watch on your pet’s diet.