10 Quick Dog Health Care Tips

Hopefully these dog health care tips will give you some help, if you feel that you need it. They are only very simple tips and most dog owners will already know them and quite probably using them already. But for anyone that isn’t they might be useful.

Get Rid of Your Dog’s Bad Breath by Making This Simple Change

There are many reasons for your dog’s stinky breath. The main culprit could be his diet. An unbalanced diet with insufficient nutrients can cause bad breath.

Make sure that your dog’s diet includes the right amount of whole grains and fiber.
Wet food can cause bad breath as they stick to dogs’ teeth, while dry foods have abrasive elements that actually help to clean your dog’s teeth.

So, just by switching his wet diet to a dry one you can see a marked change.
Also, don’t forget to clean your dog’s teeth regularly.

This will get rid of any old food and odor causing bacteria, and keep his breath fresh and clean.
In case the bad breath persists then consult your veterinarian as it can be a symptom to a more serious health problem.

Is Your Dog Chewing Its Tail for No Apparent Reason?

If your dog is chewing its tail persistently for no apparent reasons like injury or an irritant then it might be because he is simply BORED!
Some dogs like German shepherds are bred for hard work and can maim themselves if they get bored.

A change in their routine or introducing new activities can help to keep them engaged. New toys specially designed to provide stimulation can do the trick or you can put them to “work”, like making them carry a backpack while walking or you can put them through the rigors of obedience training.
If changing their activity level does not stop their tail chewing habit then you can think about using a cone to prevent chewing. However, the cone is only a temporary solution so consult your veterinarian for a proper diagnosis and treatment to stop this potentially dangerous habit.

Did You Know That Commercial Treats Make your Dog Fat?

Treats work excellently to encourage or reward your dog, especially while house-training.

But did you know that a single store-bought treat like cheese snacks or packaged bacon can pack up to one-fourth of the daily recommended calorie intake of an average sized dog?
Of course, these treats are super yummy and can almost make your dog do whatever you want them to do, but at what price? You might be tempted to indulge your pet with a few treats at a time but soon you will be dealing with a much bigger problem of obesity.
Try to give healthy treats like salmon flakes or liver. In case you have no option but to choose store-bought treats then make sure to buy healthy and low-calorie treats.

Top Three Reasons Why You Should Neuter or Spay Your Dog

#1: Your male and female pets will lead a healthier and longer life
Neutering your male before he is six months old will help prevent testicular cancer, while spaying helps prevent breast cancer and uterine infection in females.

#2: You May Well End up with better Behaved Dog
This means you don’t have to deal with a howling pet that urinates all over your house or roams away from the house in desperate efforts to attract mates. Instead, a spayed or neutered pet will be content to be with its human family.
#3: You can save a lot of money!
Spaying or neutering will cost you, but it is negligible when compared to taking care of a litter or the medical expenses when your unneutered pet runs off and gets into a brawl with a stray!

How To Check If Your Dog is Dehydrated

Dogs get dehydrated when they don’t drink sufficient quantities of water or when they lose excess amounts of water. Symptoms include loss of appetite, dry mouth, sunken eyes and low energy.
The following two methods can be used to check if your dog is suffering from dehydration.
#1: Gently pinch and lift the skin on the backside of your dog’s neck. The skin should return back to its original place immediately after you release it.
#2: Apply pressure on your dog’s gums gently with your finger until a light spot appears on the gums. This spot should retain its normal color the instant you stop applying the pressure.
If you believe your pet may be suffering from dehydration then get medical help immediately.

Microchip Your Dog

Are you worried that your pet might wander off and cannot find its way back home?
A simple way to make sure that your dog will return to you is to insert an ID microchip in his body.
The microchip is very small, not bigger than a grain of rice. It needs to be inserted under the skin of your pet and it can be done in less than a second.
The microchip does not need any battery and it only takes a few seconds for the animal control officer or a vet to scan the information on the chip.
Make sure that you register the ID microchip with the maker of the product as a current registration is very important to ensure that your pet can find its way back home.

Your Dog Too Needs Dental Care

Like humans, dogs too suffer from various dental problems like gum disease, tooth ache and tooth loss.
And like humans, regular cleaning and brushing helps to keep your dog’s teeth healthy. Studies show that about 80% of dogs exhibit symptoms of dental problems by the time they are three years old. This results in pain, abscesses and weak teeth.

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