10 Quick Dog Health Care Tips

Taking your pet to your vet for regular dental check up and cleaning is good but not enough.

Most of the canine dental diseases can be prevented if pet owners follow a proper dental care regime. Some of the dental care activities that owners need to follow regularly include brushing with a proper brush and toothpaste that is appropriate for your dog. Oral rinsing and giving regular dental treats.

If you have any doubts consult your veterinarian for how to provide proper dental care for your pet.

Is It Necessary to Buckle Up Your Pet in a Vehicle?

Absolutely! Do your ever drive without buckling up? Then it is as important to restrain your pet when he is in the car.
Unrestrained pets can be a big distraction when the driver’s focus should be on the road. Taking your pet without buckling him up can put you and your pet at risk for severe injury.

A few safety tips for a safe trip:
Never let your dog ride in the front seat. This is because they can be seriously injured or even die if the airbag is deployed.
Never let your dog ride with his head outside the window. The dog may get thrown off the vehicle if an accident occurs.
Always use a properly secured kennel or a special harness that can be fixed to a seat belt when you take your pet for a ride.

Never Give Your Dog Human Medications

Medicines formulated for humans can seriously harm or even be fatal if given to pets. In fact, the ASPCA recently listed human medications as one of the top 10 toxins that harm pets.
Drugs formulated for humans can damage the kidney and bring about seizures or even cardiac arrest if consumed by pets.
Some of the most common human medications that harm pets are naproxen and ibuprofen. However, acetaminophen, decongestants, antidepressants, muscle relaxants and a host of other drugs can produce serious health risks to dogs and other pets.
If ever your pet consumes your drugs or if you even suspect that your pet has ingested any toxic substance then get medical help immediately. The ASPCA has a 24 hour Animal Poison Control Center that you can call for immediate medical assistance.

The Right Way to Walk Your Dog

The proper way to walk your dog is for you to walk your dog and not the other way around. If you let your dog lead you while walking then you are allowing your dog to assume the alpha role, as the leader always leads the pack.
Once you let your dog assume the alpha role it will become impossible for you to train him properly or make him listen to your commands. This is not the right way to walk your dog and it can lead to a number of behavioral problems that are very hard to break.
While walking, always make sure that you walk in front of your dog; even it is just a step ahead!

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