Are You Seriously Thinking About Adding A Dachshund To Your Family

If so then this article will help you determine if a Doxy is right for you and your family.

Dachshunds are adorable and many Dachshund parents would never have any other breed, however like any breed Dachshunds have a certain set of personality traits that may or may not be what you are looking for in a pet.

Following is list of questions compiled to assist you in finding out whether a Dachshund is the right choice for you as a pet.

The questions do not address all the characteristic traits of the breed, but rather indicates certain traits that are responsible for many Dachshunds ending up in a shelter or rescue.

Also, not every Dachshund exhibit all the traits listed below, and a few may exhibit none of the traits, however the behavior cited below is usually pretty common for Dachshunds.

Read each question carefully and reflect on how a pet behaving as explained will affect you and your family.

Do you know that Dachshunds are not that good with kids?

If your family includes small children, then make sure that you find out about how a particular dog behaves when in the proximity of children before you decide to bring the dog into your family.

Because of their long spine and short legs Dachshunds are prone to injury and can be easily hurt if they are picked up in the wrong way or when children accidentally trip over them or fall on them. Children below the age of five should not be allowed to be near small dogs, especially Dachshunds, without an adult present.

Do you know that Dachshunds are not very fond of big dogs?

Dachshunds are usually bossy and like to dominate those around them, be it human or other dogs.

Many Dachshunds are particularly not fond of big dogs and will start to snap and growl or even try their best to dominate the bigger dogs without regard to their own safety.

This may become a problem when you enter a dog park or even when a friend with a bigger dog visits your home.

Do you know that a Dachshund is usually wary of strangers?

Dachshunds are very cautious and usually bark at strangers including people, cats, other dogs, in fact, they bark at anything strange that moves.

They also never fail to alert you the instant an intruder enters their area. The intruder can be a person or an animal or it can just be a leaf floating into your yard.

Are you ready for a pet that growls and snaps at anything and everything strange?

Do you know that Dachshunds love to dig?

Dachshunds love to borrow which means this breed may not be the best choice for you if you have a lawn and intend to keep it maintained beautifully.

On the other hand, this digging tendency can be kept under control if you can limit your Dachshund’s unsupervised time on the lawn. However, this craving to borrow becomes an obsessive compulsion for some Dachshunds. In addition, Dachshunds also like to roll on dirt or other horrible smelling stuff and sometimes even eat dirt.

The rolling in dirt tendency comes from its hunting background, a behavior most likely developed to camouflage its own smell.

This behavior can be addressed by minimizing the unsupervised time spent by your Dachshund outdoors.

Do you know that you may have to keep your Dachshund on leash at all times outdoors?

Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt and to this day they retain their passion to hunt and because of this it’s quite common for a Dachshund to sprint off the instant it spots a prey or anything worth pursuing.

You will also find that it is quite impossible to call them back unless they are done with their exploring and ready to make their way back to you.

This is in fact very true as can be attested by numerous despairing Dachshund owners.

Of course, you may be a Dachshund owner for years and have had your pet off leash outdoors for countless hours without this ever happening, but the fact is that this may happen yet, and it’s always better to be on the safer side than despair later on like many Dachshund owners.

It is strongly advised never to let your Dachshund off leash when you take your pet anywhere outside a fenced area.

Do you know that Dachshunds can be extremely willful and obstinate?

Dachshunds are known for their bossiness. They can be very obstinate and have to be taught that they are not the boss. Dachshunds were bred to pursue vermin persistently and this trait may haunt you when you try to train them to do something that they have no interest in.

The only way to teach them what you want is to be more persistent than them. Persistence, consistency and of course, frequent rewards are your only option if you want to train your Dachshund successfully.

Do you know that Dachshunds can be very brave…even to the point of recklessness?

Dachshunds are very clever and self sufficient, traits that sometimes make them very stubborn and obstinate. As mentioned earlier, Dachshunds think they rule the household and even the whole world and need constant training to housebreak them successfully.

They can also be extremely jealous, sometimes bordering on malicious and even mean.

If you upset them, it’s very likely that they will retaliate and tear up your new upholstery or make a mess on your carpet or something equally horrible.

Do you know you need to be cautious when correcting your Dachshund’s manners?

While training if you use physical discipline and your Dachshund thinks that your methods are unjust then he may snap or snarl at you. Keep in mind that Dachshunds were originally bred for hunting badgers, well know for putting up a strong fight but Dachshunds are known for their stubborn nature and will not give up till they have their prey.

If you punish them, it’s very likely that they will retaliate by snapping or biting. The best way to train a Dachshund is to enforce consistent training and positive appreciation for preferred behaviors.

A sure way of reaching a Dachshund is through food as they love to eat. So, if you want to housebreak or train a Dachshund swiftly then have lots of treats handy and use them as rewards and remember to be consistent. 

Give a treat the instant your Dachshund does something you desire it to repeat and just ignore behaviors you don’t want it to repeat.

Also, proper training takes time, effort and a lot of patience on your part. Just remember that not all dogs are the same, while some dogs learn a new trick in a few days, some might take weeks or even months!

Last, but a very important issue regarding training a Dachshund is house training. It takes time and patience to housebreak any dog, especially a Dachshund as it may be impossible to completely housebreak them, ever!

Consistency in crate training is very important to housebreak your Dachshund. With some Dachshunds you may need a doggy door, and in some cases regardless of consistent training you may never succeed in completely housebreaking a Dachshund.

Of course, this doesn’t imply that Dachshunds are not a good pet to have in your house, in fact they are adorable, but the question is whether you can put up with a pet that you may not be able to completely house train, ever?

A key factor for success in house training your Dachshund is to disregard the mess in your house and instead commend and reward immediately when he goes potty outside and most important is to be consistent with this training method.

Consistent training and immediate reward are two most vital things that have to be followed meticulously while training your Dachshund. Also, keep in mind that you should always use positive reinforcement and never use physical punishment when training your Dachshund.

If you can look beyond all the above traits and still wish to get a Dachshund as your pet then you are sure to be rewarded with the greatest experience in your life and will enjoy years of love, loyalty and friendship.

Dachshunds are gorgeous, delightful and adorable, and once you get one you are sure to want another one!  😀 

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  1. Hjonny says:

    Thank you for writing about this imoartpnt fact. Just this weekend, while I was having a cookout at a secluded (yet frequented) river with friends, a man started screaming at this teenage girl who was playing with her younger siblings and their [extremely calm and friendly] pit bull in the water. The man was also with his family and small children, and claimed that this girl was breaking the law for having a deadly animal off leash and so close to other kids. He wouldn’t stop screaming at her (and even started filming the dog as evidence ) until she moved her dog to the other side of the river. Meanwhile, this man’s dog was off leash and constantly going off into other people’s campsites the pit bull never left its owner’s side. Even though the girl ended up moving, she stood her ground and made a case for her sweet dog.It was sickening having to listen to this man’s prejudice and hate exactly the type of people who don’t deserve dogs and are the cause of all this nonsense.Keep writing about this, and we’ll keep reading.

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