10 Rescued Dogs – Before And After Rescue

Tali Before and After rescue

This is an article about Gateway Pet Guardians a non profit animal shelter in East St. Louis and the fantastic work they do.

As you will read below, we rescue  most of our dogs from the streets of East Saint Louis in very poor health  condition.  We have volunteers who go out every morning and feed the strays  on the streets of East St. Louis and they have a priority list of dogs  needing rescued.  We would love to rescue them all, but unfortunately have  to prioritize them on health because we do not always have the funds or  space for the hundreds of dogs living on the streets.  Last year was are  biggest year yet, where we rescued 422 dogs…which is pretty impressive  considering we only have 13 kennels in our emergency shelter and most of  our rescued dogs go straight into foster homes!  You can learn more about  us on out website at gatewaypets.com.  

The 10 wonderful dogs listed below are just a small sample of the work being done by Gateway Pet Guardians….

Trendley before and after rescue

1. Trendley

Like many rescues, Trendley was initially named after the street she was  found on. She was in pitiful shape, with a terribly embedded collar,  emaciated, and mangy. She was rescued right then, and given the much needed  veterinary care. 

She lived a few months in a loving foster home where she  first experienced the wonders of a warm couch to snuggle with your family  on!  She has since found her forever family and rename Bella Blue!

Happy Before and After rescue

2. Happy

Happy was a regular on our morning stray feeding route and eventually  learned to be excited to see our volunteers coming!  He lived on the  streets of East Saint Louis for over a year.  After awhile, he would run up  to the car of volunteers and stick his head in the window asking for some  treats (he always got them of course!). 

Once we saw that he needed medical  attention for an abscess on his neck he was rescued and taken to the vet.  He was treated for the abscess and heart worms and  is now fully recovered.  

He has been with Gateway Pet Guardians for over 6 months living with his  foster family.  He particularly loves his little human sister and snuggles  with her all day!  He is still looking for his forever family.

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