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Are You Seriously Thinking About Adding A Dachshund To Your Family

If so then this article will help you determine if a Doxy is right for you and your family. Dachshunds are adorable and many Dachshund parents would never have any other breed, however like any breed Dachshunds have a certain set of personality traits that may or may not be what you are looking for in […]

12 Reasons Why You Should Never Own A Dachshund

You would be a little crazy to allow a Dachshund into your life. Here’s why.  😉  1. You Can Never, Ever Find A Cute Dachshund Puppy Anywhere 2. They Don’t Really Care about You Or When You Get Home 3. They Make Terrible Moms’ 4. And – If They Aren’t Cute When They’re Puppies – […]

9 Things Appreciated Only By Dachshund Owners

Are you a proud parent of a dachshund? Then chances are you have experienced all or at least most of the below mentioned 9 things. Every dachshund owner is aware of the many delights in having a cute wiener dog. #1: Tolerate nicknames like “Wiener Dog” Sometimes it’s really hard to keep your cool when […]

Dachshunds and The Worry Of Intervertebral Disk Disease

Standard smooth-haired dachshund in the garden

Dachshunds have a unique appearance with long bodies and very short legs. The distinctive features that make them look so adorable also makes them predisposed to a painful incapacitating condition called as intervertebral disc disease or IVDD. IVDD occurs when a disc is damaged and the soft gel like substance inside the disc escapes out […]

11 Things You Might Not Know About Your Dachshund

Dachshunds in the garden

Short-legged, long-backed, and chock full of personality, these little ‘Weiner Dogs’ are entertaining characters that are cherished by countless dog lovers everywhere. Don’t let their small size fool you, however – although they’re loyal and lovable, these pups are tough, with an independent spirit and a stubborn streak that can sometimes leave their owners hair-tearingly […]

How To Potty Train Your Dachshund Puppy

dachshund puppy training to go outside

Different training techniques have to be used to train different breeds of dogs. In fact, each dog is different and while some breeds or dogs learn quickly and are easy to train, some are very difficult to house-train. It’s a fact that Dachshunds are one of the toughest breeds to house-train, but it is not […]

6 Reasons Walking Your Dachshund Is Essential

A Dachshund’s compact size may mislead some owners to think that running about their house is sufficient exercise for them. They cannot be more wrong as walking a Dachshund is vital for its physical as well as psychological well being. Some owners prefer to carry their Dachshund around all the time, hardly every letting them […]

13 Reasons Why You Need To Get A Dachshund

portrait of two puppies

Getting a Dachshund can be a real easy emotional decision. You see an unbearably cute puppy and you want one! But not the best way to decide to jump in. After all dogs are messy, they poop…… a lot! They even eat their poop sometimes. They want to go out in the rain, they want to […]