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Foods That Can Be Hazardous If Eaten By Dogs

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While it might be fine to feed our dogs some “people” foods, there are some foods that can be hazardous if eaten by dogs. This is not just about putting on too much weight, some things will make a dog suffer mild symptoms , but other things can make a dog seriously ill. 1. Xylitol There […]

10 Common Plants That Are Dangerous To Dogs

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Most of us appreciate the beauty of nature that surrounds us, and people everywhere delight in decorating their homes and gardens with beautiful blooms and lush greenery. Plants definitely have a positive effect on our own mental health and well-being! What many dog lovers forget about, though, is that a surprisingly large number of common […]

10 Things You Should Know If You Have A Senior Dachshund

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  Your Dachshund depends on you day in and day out to care for him. He looks to you for superb quality food, exercise, leadership and enrichment. Senior dogs hold a special place in our heart as they have been through quite a lot in our lives. If you have had your senior pooch since […]

10 Natural Vitamins and Minerals For Common Dog Ailments

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It seems that the trend towards natural products is growing in strength. So why do we want to feed our dogs natural foods and supplements and treat minor health issues with natural remedies? Of course you already know that using ‘natural’ dog products such as, herbal/holistic remedies, organic food, treats that are healthy and even […]

Common Dog Myths Debunked

Because people have kept domestic dogs since time immemorial, it is no surprise that there are many myths surrounding dogs and dog care. Some of these myths are true, some are false and some are downright dangerous, in this article, we will review, discuss and clarify the nine most common dog myths you are likely […]

7 Facts About Spaying and Neutering: What’s True And What’s Not

A cute dog waiting for adoption at an animal shelter.

Many people are unsure as to whether spaying or neutering a pet is the right thing to do. The main thing you should know about spaying and neutering is that it can be a real lifesaver on a number of levels. In the first place, there is a terrible worldwide pet overpopulation problem. Shelters are […]

9 Myths About Dog Food And Nutrition Debunked

It’s easy to become confused when planning just the right diet for your dog. There are so many choices today from basic grocery store kibble to prescription diets to homemade food to raw food. But getting this right is crucial to your dog’s overall health and vitality, as you see in the image below how healthy […]

7 Tips To Keep Your Dog In Tip Top Health

Dogs are our children, so we need to do everything we can to keep them in the best of health. After all they can’t do it for themselves, so it’s down to us. Try to make some of these tips part of your everyday routine. 1. Get Rid of Your Dog’s Bad Breath by Making […]

Rawhide for Dogs: Are These Treats Good for Your Canine Companions?

Whether we’re talking about rawhide, dog bones or any other doggie treats, providing your canine pals with a good chew toy or treat can be an important decision when it comes to their health and happiness. Rawhide chews are some of the best products you can get your dog for helping him with his natural […]

10 Tips To Keep Your Dog Healthy And Reduce Vet Bills

All dog owners who love their furry family are willing to do almost anything to ensure their dogs stay in good health. This is because a healthy dog is always cheerful and helps save tons of money that would otherwise be spent on veterinary consultations and dog medicine. To help you maintain the overall well-being […]