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Dog Shots: The Truth About Vaccinations For Dogs

dog shots

Dog shots are something that every responsible owner considers from a puppy vaccination schedule through to an adult dog vaccination schedule. If you’re anything like most dog owners, you think of your dog as a family member, and of course you would only want the best of care for your four-legged friend. You might be […]

Dog Farts: Why It Happens And How To Prevent It

It used to be thought that dog farts were the norm and nothing could be done – it was just a dog being a dog. Many people even thought that it was an indication of good digestion. Today we know that excessive gas in dogs is really indicative of an imbalanced digestive tract. When there is […]

10 Great Tips To Help Deal With Dog Allergies

Specific Dog allergies can be difficult to identify. All animals can suffer from allergies, including your dog. Allergies may be genetic, or they may develop over time. Allergy symptoms result when the immune system of the sufferer reacts to a substance (i.e. an allergen) as if it were dangerous. Allergy symptoms can affect the respiratory […]

17 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dogs

Animals – dogs and cats especially – are extremely curious. And, when it comes to food, they are that much more curious.  They love to beg for food, whatever food you may be cooking. While they are cute when begging, there are some foods that their little tummies just cannot handle. And, there are some […]

Hear This! How To Keep Your Dog’s Ears Beautifully Clean

Dog ears can come in many shapes and sizes! Whatever their appearance, though, our dog’s ears are important body parts that need regular care too. One of the greatest ways to help prevent ear problems for your pooch is a simple weekly ear check, and many of our furry family members also need regular ear […]

Eye Spy: A Guide to Canine Eye Care

Our eyes are our windows to the world, but for dogs, being able to clearly view the world around them has been about more than just an intake of information – our dog’s eyes are essential tools for survival and communication. For this reason, it’s important for us to get up close and personal with […]

The Top Ten Poisonous Household Items for Your Dog

Could you have a toxin in your home and not even know it? It can be a terrifying experience when your dog has decided to eat something poisonous, but also a fairly common one for dog owners – in fact, there are over 10,000 cases of pet poisoning every year in the U.S, and the […]