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10 Dog Breeds That Match Owners Personalities

What does the dog you choose to spend your life with, say about you? Of course dogs come in many breeds, all shapes and sizes and no size fits all. Dogs have varied temperaments, even within the same breed, so is it possible for a dog parent’s personality to mirror that of their dog? Well […]

11 Funny Things Dog Owners Secretly Do

source 1. You are waiting for your new puppy to arrive and in the meantime checked out cute puppy names on Google. Discussed name ideas with your partner as if you were expecting a newborn baby. source 2. Conveniently forgot about your house rules “no feeding at the table” and dropped bits of […]

11 Dog Breeds That Match Their Owners Personality

“We go for dogs that are a bit like us, just as we go for a romantic partner who is a bit like us.” says Lance Workman, the subject leader for psychology at Bath Spa University, United Kingdom. A lot of research has gone into finding out what inspires an individual to pick a particular […]

14 Dog Breeds That Love Humans More Than Dogs

Your dog need not be hostile towards other dogs in order to like humans more that their own kind. It just happens that some dogs relish the petting, cuddling and of course the regular treats that they can get only from a human and may seek out their company even when other dogs are around […]

Finally: Scientific Proof Dogs Really Do Love Us Like Family

Every dog lover and each dog parent has millions of questions regarding what their adorable companion thinks and dreams, or about what goes on in between those dog ears while you play, train or just cuddle up on the couch for the evening. We dog lovers are already aware of the fact that our dogs […]

Definitive Guide To Companies That Have Free Products And Secret Menus For Your Dog

This is a must read for those who belong to the ‘I take my dog EVERYWHERE I go’ club. Only those belonging to this club understand the compelling need to take their pet with them everywhere. However, there are establishments that have a ‘No Pets Allowed’ sign making it hard for you to take your […]

15 Dog Breeds You Should Probably Avoid Even If You Think They Are Adorable

If you are looking to get a new dog there are literally hundreds of different breeds to choose from and each have their own singular look, specific purpose and distinctive personality traits. Many first time dog seekers think they are sure about a particular breed of dog, but oftentimes discover that their dog which first […]

12 Least Obedient Dog Breeds

Siberian husky puppy with blue eyes

With the right attitude, any canine companion responds to appropriate training – most of the time, the responsiveness of a particular dog often has to do with the style of training, and the amount of attention and time given to teaching your pup in the first place! Having said that, there are definitely other factors […]

10 Of The Cuddliest Dog Breeds You Will Ever Meet

If you love dogs you surely love to cuddle them. It doesn’t matter what their size is either. It could be a tiny Chihuahua or a Boxer we love to cuddle them and they love to cuddle back. Here is a list of 10 of the cuddliest. Now this list is my own preference, a […]