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17 Cutest Puppies Of All Time

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy (8 weeks old)

All puppies are cute – let’s face it. So to try and put them in a list is very hard. These are my favorites and I know I’m going to get a lot of dog lovers say that there should have been other breeds on the list. So please don’t be disappointed if your favorite […]

10 Of The Most Cat-Friendly Dog Breeds

baby dachshunds and a kitten

In some pet-loving households, certain furry family members fight, well, like cats and dogs! Humankind’s two favorite types of pets are very different species with unique needs and personalities, and each has developed in different ways and for different purposes over their long historical relationship with people. Can cats and dogs actually live together in […]

10 Dog Breeds That Shed the Least

puppy Shih-Tzu (6 months old)

Do you or someone you live with, suffer from allergies? You constantly think about having a dog join your family, but you are worried that the dog shedding will trigger your allergies? Well there are dog breeds that shed less than some other breeds and there might be your solution. But it’s not that straightforward. […]

10 Reasons Your Dog Thinks You’re Strange

Dogs have been man’s best friend for hundreds of years, in fact for many dog lovers they are much more than pets, they are treated as children and part of the family. Many dog owners are quite happy to let their “fur baby” sleep in the same bed and every photo they own contains images […]

10 Best Personal Protection Dogs

white chow-chow dog

A Reliable Protective Dog Requires Competent Care And Training No matter what kind of dog you get and no matter what purpose you have in mind, it is important to remember that proper care, training and socialization are of the utmost importance. Your dog is a member of your family and/or a good friend and […]

14 Of The Best Dog Breeds To Fight Anxiety

It’s well known that professionally trained dogs can be of great benefit to people that suffer disabilities, for instance guide dogs for the blind. But it’s not that widely known that the average pet, especially dogs, can provide many therapeutic and health benefits. They give their love unconditionally, unlike humans, they can also ease stress, […]

Top Dog Breeds For Children And Family

labrador and little girl

When we have kids, be they only toddlers or teenagers, the kind of dog breed that we choose is really important. We need a dog that will protect our precious children, but at the same time they cannot be aggressive to other people and animals.  My own personal viewpoint is; dogs should not be left alone and […]

13 Most Hyper Dog Breeds

group of happy border collies

One of the factors to consider when determining what type of dog to get is how active the dog is. Generally, there are 3 types of dogs: natural couch potatoes, active dogs that require regular exercise but do not become destructive if they miss a couple of walks, and hyperactive dogs that must have extensive […]

14 Most Adorable Puppies Of All Time

1. American Akita There are 2 kinds of Akitas, The American Akita and the Japanese Akita (Akita Inu) breed. Most of the dog world considers them two distinct breeds, but in the US and Canada they are seen as one breed with differences in type. Mature American Male Akitas can grow up to 26-28 inches […]

10 Questions You Need To Answer Before Adopting A Dog

There used to be a well known sticker that I saw on many vehicles – “A dog is for life – Not just for Christmas” and how true is this? At holiday times many dogs are bought or adopted, and a few months later many of those dogs are sent back to shelters, given away […]