10 Of The Cuddliest Dog Breeds You Will Ever Meet

If you love dogs you surely love to cuddle them.

It doesn’t matter what their size is either. It could be a tiny Chihuahua or a Boxer we love to cuddle them and they love to cuddle back.
Here is a list of 10 of the cuddliest.

Now this list is my own preference, a lot of people will disagree with some or even all of the choices.
But I would love to hear which dog breeds you think give better cuddles.
By the way this list is not in any particular order.

yorkie with face resting on ground

Yorkshire Terrier

A zippy, feisty little dog, with a personality as big as a house.

They have exceptionally strong personalities and love to be in control. They love to be held and cuddled, but equally enjoy going for decent walks.
The Yorkie might be a companion dog, but his temperament is definitely terrier.

They are the archetypal ‘big dog, in a small dog’s body’ and they let you know it.

Because of their small size they don’t really do well with very small children, although it’s always dangerous to make generalizations like that.

If a young child is gentle then there’s no reason why a Yorkie won’t make a wonderful addition to the family.
Happy adult brindle boxer dog resting on grass facing the camera


Boxers get 5 stars for their level of affection. They love their family with a passion.

This also extends to thinking they are really a lap dog. Their size is no hindrance to them when it comes to climbing on board a willing lap.

They have a mischievous, sweet and slightly silly personality. But it’s this nature that makes them so attractive.

If a Boxer is well bred and well socialized they are amazing with children, family and people that they know.

pit bull

source Robert “Berto” Bennett @flickr

Pit Bull

When pit bull lovers think about words to describe them they come up with words like – Smart, loyal, playful, beautiful, entertaining,behaved, relaxed, Loving and simply awesome.
On top of all that they really are a cuddly dog.

They are not everyone’s choice and being on this list might surprise a few people. But Pit lovers, and I have met a few, plus my family had a Staffie when I was a child, absolutely love them.

young woman with labrador retriever


Well as the Labrador is the number one dog in the US and has been for many years, it must have something very special going for it, and of course it really does.

They have such a sweet disposition it’s no wonder they are used for therapy, service and a host of other jobs.

They are a beautiful looking dog, both as a puppy and adult.

But they just love to cuddle, they are affectionate, and will follow you everywhere. Great for families as well. Eager to please and always kindly and good-natured. There’s not much that warms the heart more than coming home to that ever wagging tail.

They require some serious exercise or they will get bored easily.