Definitive Guide To Companies That Have Free Products And Secret Menus For Your Dog

This is a must read for those who belong to the ‘I take my dog EVERYWHERE I go’ club. Only those belonging to this club understand the compelling need to take their pet with them everywhere. However, there are establishments that have a ‘No Pets Allowed’ sign making it hard for you to take your dog along with you. So all you can do is look out for places that recognizes how vital it is to have your pet by your side, whether you are enjoying a long weekend in a resort, having dinner at a fancy restaurant, or just making a quick stop for that much needed cup of caffeine.

For your convenience following is a list of 25 companies that are ready to welcome and pamper not just you but your four-legged companion too.


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1: In-N-Out

This chain’s “secret menu” includes The Flying Dutchman, an order for your dog that contains two patties of beef topped with double cheese slice. Though this is not your traditional dog food, the buzz is that this item was put together at an In-N-Out location to cater for their customers’ pets.


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2: Starbucks

Starbucks’ secret doggie menu offers Puppuccino, a heavenly concoction of whipped cream in a small cup for your pup. So now you can pamper your dog too when you make your next stop at Starbucks for your fix of latte.

Warning: Dairy products, including ice cream are items listed by WebMD as foods to be avoided for your dog. Some dogs are not tolerant to dairy products and if your dog is one of those with a delicate tummy, then it is strongly advised that you get a Starbucks cup only for you and indulge your pet with his regular treat.


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3: Shake Shack

Shake Shack has some lip-smacking desserts just for your dog in their exclusive secret menu. Their top seller is the Pooch-ini, a yummy dessert that has peanut butter sauce on dog biscuits with vanilla custard. Another item that you might want to try for your pet when you’re enjoying your fries is the Bag O’Bones prepared by Bocce’s Bakery. This delectable treat contains five ShackBurger dog biscuits in a bag.


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4: Rock & Brews

This restaurant welcomes your pet into their patio and will offer a free bowl of fresh water for your dog on request. To top that they also have a menu put together just for your beloved pet. Can you think of a better place to dine out with your dog?


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5: Dairy queen

This royal dessert p(a)lace has a secret that you might want to know and it’s the Pup Cup. Next time you visit the Dairy Queen with your dog ask for a Pup Cup and your dog will get a mini soft serve vanilla ice cream at no cost! This is what we call a Royal Treat(ment)!

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6: Johnny Rockets

Three Dog Bakery and Johnny Rockets offers an exclusive doggie menu just for your pet at select locations. This menu includes doggy hamburgers, ice creams, pupcakes and carob ruffles. too specially designed for your adorable pet. All Johnny Rockets outlets are dog-friendly and will offer a bowl of fresh water on request.


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7: Le Pain Quotidienne

It’s hard for you to find a better restaurant than this where you can enjoy a plate of pastry with your dog by your side. In addition to welcoming your pet into their domain some Le Pain Quotidienne outlets keep dog treats for your pets on their tables and if this is not available their friendly and courteous staff offers the treats to their four legged clients.


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8: Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons’ range of Timbits is very popular and you might have munched on a few or all of them, but did you know that they also have plain Timbits for your pets? Just remember to request for a doggie Timbit when you place the order so that the staff will know to cut the sugar on your doggie treat. The only catch is that the limit is set to one for every doggie client!


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9: Chick-fil-a

Another dog-friendly drive thru restaurant and in most Chick-fil-a outlets you and your dog will be surprised with doggie treats when you get your order delivered!


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10: Sonic Drive-in

All dogs are welcome in this drive-in restaurant and in many of the outlets the staff will include doggie treats to your meal order and deliver it to your car! How cool is that?


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11: JetBlue

Hate to leave your pet behind while on a vacation? Don’t worry, JetBlue understands your love for your pet and permits small pets inside their cabin. Their exclusive offer ‘JetPaws’ is designed to pamper all your pet’s needs in flight and pave the way for a safe and smooth journey. You also get a carrier bag-tag with the offer and a travel guide that contains information about all the pet-friendly places in your destinations.

12: Apple Store

Well…in the realm of Apple there are no restrictions. As far as Apple Stores go the customer is the King and yes the King is allowed to do as he pleases! Do you have a sudden craving for pizza while going thru the specs of their new gadget? Get it delivered to you at the store! Do you have a pet goat? No problem…you can bring him into the store and no one will bat an eye.


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13: Loews Hotels and Resorts

Are you staying at the Loews Hotels and Resorts with your dog? Then make sure to sign up your pet for their Loews Loves Pets program, a lavish package that offers one of kind room service doggie menu, a bed, toys and information about local pet-friendly services. They also have services for dog-sitting and walking.

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14: Four Seasons Hotel

This luxury hotel welcomes dogs, but only pooches below 15 pounds. However, if your pet does get in then certain locations will pamper your pet with all the treatments you will be indulged with, which includes the in-room spa treatments too. The Four Seasons also offer dog-walking services and pamper your pets with special doggie treats. Most Four Seasons Hotels employ an on-call veterinarian to make sure that your pet’s stay at their place is not only enjoyable but healthy too.


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15: Virgin Atlantic

This airline service offers exclusive temperature controlled doggie compartments, yep…just like your cabin, so your dog too will enjoy a comfortable journey. Your pet can even earn Frequent Flier Miles for the flights he took! Just check out the Virgin Atlantic Flying Paws scheme and enroll to add up the points. However, this airline service have restrictions regarding the number of four-legged flyers they can accommodate, so be smart and book as early as possible if you want to enjoy the company of your dog during your vacation.

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