11 Funny Things Dog Owners Secretly Do

puppy name

source flickr.com

1. You are waiting for your new puppy to arrive and in the meantime checked out cute puppy names on Google. Discussed name ideas with your partner as if you were expecting a newborn baby.

dog feeding

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2. Conveniently forgot about your house rules “no feeding at the table” and dropped bits of food down by your feet. Accidentally on purpose forgetting to pick them up.

dog food

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3. You spend more time examining the reviews and ratings for different brands and makes of dog food and dog treats than you spend reading the nutrition facts on your own food.

Kissing woman and dog

4. You wouldn’t dream of sharing a drink with a friend or family member because you worry about the germs. But you let your dog lick your face anytime.

talk to dog

5. Constantly talk to your dog, then answer for them out loud.
Sad Pug Relaxing On Cough

6. you make the house rule that “dogs are not allowed on the furniture” But you are always the first to break the rule when you want a cuddle with your dog/s.

head tilt

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7. You love to see the cute head tilt, so you ask your dog endless questions just to see them do it.

Dog bath towel

8. Checked the images stored on your phone or tablet, only to find that they are all of your dog.

feeding dog

9. You spend more money on your pup’s holistic and organic doggy treats, than you do on your own lunch.

bathroom time

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10. You finally give up and realise that you no longer have any private time. That especially includes when you need the bathroom.

The Lhasa Apso

11. Before you leave any restaurant you always ask for a “doggy bag” but it’s not for you, it’s because you feel guilty for going out without your fur kid. So the least you can do is bring him some food home from the restaurant where you ate. 

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