Hear This! How To Keep Your Dog’s Ears Beautifully Clean

Pedigree Dachshund

Dog ears can come in many shapes and sizes! Whatever their appearance, though, our dog’s ears are important body parts that need regular care too.

One of the greatest ways to help prevent ear problems for your pooch is a simple weekly ear check, and many of our furry family members also need regular ear cleaning too.

Because of the curved shape and moist environment of the ear canal, parasites, bacteria and yeast find our dog’s ears to be a pretty welcoming environment.

Chronic ear infections, which can affect allergic dogs and breeds like Cocker Spaniels, Basset Hounds and Poodles more often, are painful, and can easily lead to other health problems too.

Here’s a brief guide to routine care for your dog’s ears.

Get Prepared
Gather all the supplies you’ll need first – a handful of cotton balls or clean gauze, a partner to help hold your pup, and a safe liquid ear cleaner for dogs. (NEVER use water, oil-based substances, or human products to clean your pet’s ears)

Check with your vet about the safest products to use for your pooch, since some over the counter ones can contain alcohol or fragrances that can really irritate your dog’s ears.

Take a Peek
Gently lift your dog’s ear flap and look inside. The inside of your furry friend’s ear should look pale or light pink with no odor, though some mild to moderate wax buildup is normal.

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