10 Things Only Husky Parents Will Appreciate

Huskies are incredibly stunning dogs, they look beautiful. Soft, thick coats those piercing eyes and the incredible masking on their faces, give them an amazing look.

So what else makes them so special…..

husky wolf
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1.  How many people have stopped you to ask “Is that a wolf?” when they see you out and about with your pup.


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2. Siberians happen to shed a very great deal.

I mean a lot. If you want a Siberian, then be ready for hair on absolutely everything.

Anyone allergic to dog hair (actually dander is the real issue not hair) then this dog is not going to be for you.

You must be prepared to start grooming at a very young age.

Because you really need them to look forward to the experience. It will be something you will be doing every day.


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3. Can They really be that bad a watch dog?

Well actually yes!

They might look like wolves and seem pretty scary and fierce to the average person but, in reality they would rather lick you to death, than attack you.

If you’re jealous of your dog giving attention to other people, then siberians will disappoint you, they are dogs that like to be with everyone.


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4. High Energy

These guys need a vast amount of physical and mental stimulation.

After all they were bred to pull sleds in freezing cold temperatures over vast distances.

So it makes sense that they will need this.

They need a lot of play time, long,long walks, probably every day. It’s best to employ structured play sessions as well.

If they don’t get the exercise they need they will be very unhappy, leading to destruction and escape attempts.

Not the kind of dog left at home for hours at a time.


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5. Some would say disobedient or stubborn.

I tend to believe they are free thinkers.

They have an independent mind, they will do as you wish, but only if you treat them with fairness and consistency.

That also includes all family members.

They need to understand that to get what they want, then they have to do what is required of them.

To use harsh trying methods on a Husky is courting disaster.

Patience, firmness and kindness are prerequisites.


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6. Be mindful of their ancestry. Huskies were bred originally as independent hunters.

This does have a bearing today.

Because of their background, you shouldn’t trust them with cats or other small animals for example rabbits.

The Husky’s natural tendency is to hunt them.

Also they cannot really be trusted to take them outside off the leash.

If they do happen to see a small animal, they will give chase.

Ignoring anything and everything around them. This can lead to accidents or lost dogs.

At the speed they move at they can cover a number of miles quickly and will soon be lost.

If you have a cat already and want to bring home a Siberian puppy, you can train them to live with your cat.

But that doesn’t mean they still won’t chase other cats or small animals.


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7. I mentioned earlier that they are free thinkers, which they are and if you add that to the fact that they don’t have a natural sense of wanting to be clean, then potty training a puppy can be quite difficult.

So to get them potty trained, will take some effort, some high value treats, plenty of patience and a lot of praise.

Obvious generalizations about dogs can be wrong at times.

Your Siberian, might have been easy to potty train, and their previous environment, before they came to you, will play an important part in how quickly they learn.

sh puppy

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8. Pulling

Because they are dogs bred to pull sleds, they obviously love to pull.

This can be difficult when walking a Siberian.

This is something that needs to be dealt with when they are very young puppies.

Very young age and consistency is the key.

When walking with a puppy as soon as they start to pull, stop walking.

If they continue pulling after you start walking again, turn around and go in the opposite direction.

Eventually they will understand that the easiest and fastest way to get anywhere is to walk alongside you.


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9. Huskies love to sing.

Their natural instinct is to be vocal.

In fact if you are already a husky parent then you will have no doubt seen many a Youtube video of a Husky talking or singing on video.

Husky parents love to video them.

You really have to train them to “keep it down a bit.”

Some Husky bloodlines are more vocal than others.


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10. Do you have the time commitment required.

The Husky is a wonderful dog and they are affectionate, loving and need to be around their family.

But they get easily bored when they are not stimulated, both physically and mentally.

This takes a huge amount of time and energy on the behalf of the Husky parents.

Many people get dogs for the wrong reasons and without doing the proper research about the dog they want.

The Siberian Husky will make a fabulous addition to the home, but only if you can give him what he needs.

This means, play sessions every day, daily grooming, obedience exercises, 1 to 2 hour walks every day, more play sessions – you get the picture.

You as a Husky parent, must have a lot of free time to do this for them.

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