6 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Yorkie

Yorkie montage

Yorkshire Terriers are seen as great companion dogs, but they were originally bred to be ratters, back in the mid-1800s.

Today the average Yorkie is smaller than it’s counterpart from those days and I wouldn’t imagine there was much call for them to be ratters, anymore.

But they are terriers at heart, so they can be feisty little dogs.

Yorkie montage

1. Only One Yorkshire Terrier

There is only one Yorkshire Terrier breed.

I know there are terms out there such as: Teacup Yorkie – Tiny Teacup Yorkies etc. but they are only marketing phrases.

They might be different sizes and weights, but it’s still true that he is simply a Yorkshire Terrier.

A Yorkie should be about 7-8 inches at the shoulder and weigh 4-7 lbs. The best size at maturity should really be 4lbs and above.

A Yorkies need lots of loving attention, they don’t do well being left alone for long periods and can suffer from anxiety if they are.

They believe that they are much bigger than they really are, so they might throw out the odd challenge to dogs that are huge in comparison.

They are known to be picky eaters and can also have some dental or gum issues. They can retain their puppy teeth, especially canines.

After the age of 5 months, make regular checks on your puppies teeth.

You might see his adult teeth trying to come in, but the way is blocked by puppy teeth, if you do see this then get him to the vets.

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  1. Olivia Gilman says:

    Great info about Yorkies. I think its really interesting that they are born black and tan, but can’t “be just black or just tan.” That is really interesting. I love the photos you posted, especially the photo of the two puppies together, one with its tongue hanging out. Adorable.

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