14 Dog Breeds That Love Humans More Than Dogs

Your dog need not be hostile towards other dogs in order to like humans more that their own kind.

It just happens that some dogs relish the petting, cuddling and of course the regular treats that they can get only from a human and may seek out their company even when other dogs are around to play with.

Though it’s not possible to definitely state that a particular breed will like humans more than other dogs or the other way around, some dog breeds do give the impression that they prefer to stick with their human companions as compared to their four-legged friends. 

Below is a list of dog breeds that we think are happier when they are tucked close to their human companion than their furry friends.

American true-bred collie

1: Collie

Every Collie owner can attest to the fact that this breed just loves human company.

This extremely lovable and charming breed is possibly the most human-friendly among all breeds and takes great care of their owners.

They are very proud, but they are also exceptionally loyal, so loyal that even if they may be enjoying the company of other dogs they will come to you often for a pat or reassurance.

Moreover, they are very tolerant and will allow you to take some liberties with them.

Image source Flickr.com

2: Maltese

Most of the toy and miniature breeds like to stay by the side of their owners.

A Labrador might jump right into the dirt the instant it enters a dog park and romp with the other dogs, but a Bichon Frise or the Maltese is most likely to stick by your side, really close or it may move away for a bit and run back to you frequently for a pat or a rub.

Of course, there are some miniature breeds like the Chihuahua that sizzle up while in company of another Chihuahua, but the Maltese, the Bichon Frise and the Brussels Griffon and a number of other similar sized dogs give the impression that they prefer the petting, cuddling by humans and a warm bed.

english bulldog portrait

3: Bulldog

They may be all wrinkled up and funny looking, but the Bulldogs are one of the most people-pleasing and the friendliest breed of all.

They are very tolerant and calm, and they don’t mind if your toddler trips over them accidently or pull their ears.

Heavy set and panting constantly, Bulldogs may prefer to avoid romping in the park, but you can be sure to count on your Bulldog to cuddle up by your side while you watch your favorite TV show marathon.

Beagle puppy with stick

4: Beagle

Beagles were originally bred as pack dogs, so they are more likely to be getting along with other dogs.

However, their focus of adoration is you as they look to you as their alpha. Beagles have great hunting skills, thanks to their 220 million (Oh Yes!) smell receptors and so are constantly sniffing around to follow a trail.

Due to their inherent hunting nature, visits to your local dog-friendly parks may not turn out to be as social as you expected. Of course, it can become entirely too social if your Beagle sniffs out their favorite treat inside someone’s pocket.


source flickr.com

5: Great Dane

You might think that since Great Danes are giants they may avoid other smaller dogs, but to the contrary they seem to enjoy frolicking around other pups regardless of their size.

However, most Great Danes are content to stay by the side of their human companions. If fact their preferred location is your lap! Danes are very calm, loving and always eager to please their owner.

They love the attention and caring provided by their families.

German Shepherd

6: German Shepherd

German Shepherds are a very clever breed and one of the most sought after breed in the United States. GSDs are intelligent, loyal and often trained to work as military or police dogs.

Their willingness to work along with the humans is a well known fact, but if you have any doubts all you have to do is check out their interaction with other humans in your local dog park.

They are extremely friendly and eager to play fetch with humans. Sometimes they do like to play with other canine friends, but most often they prefer to stay by your side.

oz sh

source flickr.com

7: Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds too are very clever and extremely energetic. Aussies love to eat and maybe it’s because they know where their next meal come from they prefer to be around humans more than their furry friends! While they are a little cautious around strangers,

Australian Shepherds are very affectionate towards little kids, probably because children help them to expend that extra energy they always seem to be bundled up with.

Aussies love to cuddle up in little nooks and corners, and you are most likely to find them tucked under your feet.

8: Poodle

Despite their size and looks Poodles are very loyal and guard their home well.

They may be found playing with other dogs in the park but Poodles absolutely prefer to stay close to their human companions.

9: Dachshund

These little guys are curious, charming, brave and very lively. They love to be into everything.

They have a super sense of humor and will have you in stitches time and again.

They are pretty good with other other family pets, but will always come to you for reassurance, they still need to know they are number 1 in your life.

They love you, but they are proud and don’t like to be pushed to do things. Plenty of treats should be on hand to cajole them into doing what you want.

They are one of the most loyal breeds that you can find, but a cautionary word of warning.- One is never enough!  😉 

10: Boxer

Wow! What can you say about this rambunctious family loving dog.

I have heard them described as being “cuckoo” and that’s a good description of young Boxers.

They love to run and jump about, never seeming to ever get tired. But a more loving and faithful dog would be hard to find anywhere.

No wonder then that Boxer owners would never change breeds.

They do need strong leadership and need to be handled in a strong, but kind way. They can be stubborn as well. But that’s only because they are free thinkers.

They do sulk and pout if they aren’t handled the right way.

Generally they are good with other family pets. But some have been known to be dominant towards dogs of the same sex.

11: Border Collies

Border Collies can make wonderful family dogs, but with a few provisos that are not to be taken lightly.

They are highly intelligent and they must be kept busy. A bored Border Collie is generally a destructive animal.

They need exercise for their body and brain. Agility, flying discs, herding trials, obedience, tracking…. to name just a few occupations to keep them happy.

They also need very early socialization and be ultra careful where you get your puppy from. If he’s to be a family pet, make sure that the breeder raise their dogs in a family environment and not outside.

They tend to be sensitive to sounds and have been known to develop phobias, especially to thunderstorms.

However, because of this sensitivity they make amazing watch dogs.

They love their human family without doubt.

basset hound

12. Basset Hound

 They might be short in stature, but they make up for that with their noble bearing. They have a personality to match their looks – placid.

But they are a wonderful family dog. They might be short, but they are still a pretty hefty dog. However, the Basset still believes that he is really a lap dog, doing his best to climb up at every opportunity. They love their human family immensely and hate to be left alone.

If they are left for long periods they can become quite destructive. They generally “bay” rather than bark and if they want attention or a treat (which they very often do) then they make a whining murmuring sound.

A great choice if you want a “velcro” dog.
13. Rottweilers
If you have ever been the parent of a Rottie, you can attest to how loving and affectionate this dog can be.
They are large and powerful, so they must be trained properly from early puppyhood.

They also need extensive socialization from a very early age.

Even if you do everything correctly and have the most loving and affectionate family dog, you might still encounter prejudice against your Rottie. Unfortunately the dog has garnered a bad reputation.

Rottweiler owners will tell you however that this reputation is not deserved.

Well bred and well trained Rotties are very playful, gently and loving.

They adore their human family and want to be with them all the time.

They don’t handle being left alone for long periods of time.

Parents of Rottweilers describe them as the “velcro dog” because wherever you are your Rottie just has to be.

doberman humans love post

source flickr.com

14. Doberman

The origins of the Doberman seem to credit one Louis Doberman (at least according to the Kennel club of the UK).

He was a German taxman in the 1860s, he needed a strong and powerful dog for protection (well he would, I suppose). Not just that he wanted to “encourage slow payers. So he mixed various other breeds that were available in Germany at the time, and so the Doberman Pinscher was born.

Since then he has become a highly popular dog worldwide. Not least in the US.

The Doberman is a wonderful family dog, playing with and guarding children. They make very good obedience dogs, highly intelligent and agile.

They seem to really enjoy riding around in a vehicle. They will require a good deal of exercise, to keep them in optimum health, at least a good couple of hours every day. Grooming is pretty minimal, but they will lose quite a bit of hair. 

Unfortunately his reputation precedes him and many people have the wrong impression about this dog. While he will defend his family if called upon, he does not go looking for trouble.

4 thoughts on “14 Dog Breeds That Love Humans More Than Dogs

  1. Rose Bowers says:

    So agree with what is said about the Bassett. My 13 1/2 year old stays behind chair until I’m home then he is a ball of love

  2. Sherry says:

    So true about Rotties!! My Scarlett has to be in whatever room I am inn, she sleeps with me, she is by my side every second I am home. She does hate when I have to leave like to go to work she gets in a corner ,won’t eat a treat or anything. She just looks up at me with her eyes with her head down on the floor. I hate having to leave her!!! She acts like I’ve been gone for days when I get home from works, tons of lovins. Rotties are the only dog foe me

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