12 Reasons Why You Should Never Own A Boxer

Do you really want a boxer in your family? Are you sure?

 12 reasons why you should never own a Boxer!  😉 


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1. They Just Don’t Seem To Like Being Around Kids

three purebred puppies boxer in the nature

2. You Can Never Find A Cute Boxer Puppy, No Matter How Hard You Try


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3. You Can Forget About Them Ever Looking After Your Human Kids


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4. They Don’t Look Good Out And About In The Car


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5. Don’t Have Any Clue About Taking A Good Selfie

Male boxer  rolling around in grass. scratching his back
Male boxer rolling around in grass. scratching his back

6. They Just Aren’t Any Fun To Be Around

92 thoughts on “12 Reasons Why You Should Never Own A Boxer

  1. Alicia Iannuzzi says:

    What kind of dog would see their human sitting on a couch, jump on that couch, and hug her from behind???? Boxers! Most loving and loyal dogs…ever! This article by the way was trying to get a rise from us…read after #12.

  2. Jenny Nakai says:

    At first I was shocked at the headline & was about to be mad! Lol I’ve worked with dogs for 25 years in the Bay Area & have never met a mean or bad boxer. Just bad genes

  3. Karen Selena Brokaw says:

    Whoa….I think alot of people took this as being real. It’s a joke. If you can read sarcasm in a text hopefully you can read it in an article like this. What happened to sense of humor? It’s cute and I giggled when I read it. I also have two beautiful boxer boys that are the best and not any time reading this , did it make me upset because the pics with the captions makes it clear that it’s a joke.

  4. Brenda Lee Rivera says:

    People before you comment about the article, please I beg you, read all the way to the end! The article has two pages and at the end it says how great boxers really are! Lighten up, this is suppose to be a sarcastic article! My goodness!

    • Jana Blurton says:

      When I read the title I wanted to kick butt lol. But as soon as I started reading it made me happy. I had my beautiful Boxer for 13 years. I can see that even after you made your comment someone else said something stupid.

  5. Dawn Phillips says:

    Wow people! This was sarcasm! Yes they’re adorable! I love mine he always makes me smile! Only complaint is he’s not the smartest dog but it’s ok because he sure is cute!

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