10 Dog Breeds That Match Owners Personalities

What does the dog you choose to spend your life with, say about you?

Of course dogs come in many breeds, all shapes and sizes and no size fits all.

Dogs have varied temperaments, even within the same breed, so is it possible for a dog parent’s personality to mirror that of their dog?

Well studies do seem to say that the dog we choose can actually say a lot about us. 

How similar do you think you are to your dog?

cute english bulldog puppy in the grass

1. English Bulldog

English Bulldog owners are usually calm and have a easygoing attitude.

You are very systematic and always looking for the most efficient and the easiest way to get a job done.

You enjoy a good laugh and prefer a relaxed lifestyle, but you can also be a bit stubborn at times. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy (8 weeks old)

2. Spaniel

If the Spaniel is your favorite breed then you’re most probably a gentle soul with a sweet and charming personality.

You can be polite to a fault but you are very tough and will not let anyone take advantage of you.

Though you pursue an active lifestyle, family is your top priority and love spending quality time with them and your close circle of friends.

Boxer Dog

3. Boxer

You’re a funny soul and people like you for it.

When life gives you lemons you make lemonade with relish.

You lead a busy life surrounded by lots of friends.

source flickr.com

4. Schnauzer

If you’re a fan of Schnauzer then you are very organized and hate clutter.

You have the ability to adjust to any given situation.

When presented with a problem you try to solve it by yourself before asking for help from others, but you are also ready to look into others viewpoints if necessary.

GR post

source flickr.com

5. Golden Retriever

You’re an intelligent, honest and friendly person who loves to help those in need.

You do a lot of volunteering work and donate whenever you can. It’s rare for you to sit in front of a TV; you would rather spend time with your family and friends, preferably outdoors.


6. Mastiff

You’re those brooding silent types that ooze confidence and strength.

Some of you may be willful, dominant and sometimes obstinate.

On the other hand you take pleasure in making people happy and will do anything to protect those you love.

You may shun public display of affection but you’re a romantic at heart.

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