11 Funny Things Dog Owners Secretly Do

source flickr.com 1. You are waiting for your new puppy to arrive and in the meantime checked out cute puppy names on Google. Discussed name ideas with your partner as if you were expecting a newborn baby. source flickr.com 2. Conveniently forgot about your house rules “no feeding at the table” and dropped bits of […]

11 Dog Breeds That Match Their Owners Personality

“We go for dogs that are a bit like us, just as we go for a romantic partner who is a bit like us.” says Lance Workman, the subject leader for psychology at Bath Spa University, United Kingdom. A lot of research has gone into finding out what inspires an individual to pick a particular […]

12 Things Appreciated Only By Pug Owners

Image source flickr.com 1.The wrinkles on a Pug’s head are highly valued because it’s said that they form what looks like Chinese Characters. Image source flickr.com 2. Pugs do not get colds any more frequently than other dogs, but when they do it’s more noticeable. It might appear that they are more prone because of the […]

14 Dog Breeds That Love Humans More Than Dogs

Your dog need not be hostile towards other dogs in order to like humans more that their own kind. It just happens that some dogs relish the petting, cuddling and of course the regular treats that they can get only from a human and may seek out their company even when other dogs are around […]

Finally: Scientific Proof Dogs Really Do Love Us Like Family

Every dog lover and each dog parent has millions of questions regarding what their adorable companion thinks and dreams, or about what goes on in between those dog ears while you play, train or just cuddle up on the couch for the evening. We dog lovers are already aware of the fact that our dogs […]

Definitive Guide To Companies That Have Free Products And Secret Menus For Your Dog

This is a must read for those who belong to the ‘I take my dog EVERYWHERE I go’ club. Only those belonging to this club understand the compelling need to take their pet with them everywhere. However, there are establishments that have a ‘No Pets Allowed’ sign making it hard for you to take your […]

10 Reasons Why You Should NEVER Own A German Shepherd

Three German Shepherds in a park

Non dog lovers might see a German Shepherd and think they must be a handful and can look a little scary. Especially when they see images of them being trained with Police forces etc. So we thought it would be a good idea if we showed you why you shouldn’t get one.   😉 1. […]

Are You Seriously Thinking About Adding A Dachshund To Your Family

If so then this article will help you determine if a Doxy is right for you and your family. Dachshunds are adorable and many Dachshund parents would never have any other breed, however like any breed Dachshunds have a certain set of personality traits that may or may not be what you are looking for in […]

12 Reasons Why You Should Never Own A Dachshund

You would be a little crazy to allow a Dachshund into your life. Here’s why.  😉  1. You Can Never, Ever Find A Cute Dachshund Puppy Anywhere 2. They Don’t Really Care about You Or When You Get Home 3. They Make Terrible Moms’ 4. And – If They Aren’t Cute When They’re Puppies – […]