12 Reasons Why You Should Never Own A Boxer

Do you really want a boxer in your family? Are you sure?  12 reasons why you should never own a Boxer!  😉  Image Source 1. They Just Don’t Seem To Like Being Around Kids 2. You Can Never Find A Cute Boxer Puppy, No Matter How Hard You Try Source of Image 3. You Can Forget […]

15 Dog Breeds You Should Probably Avoid Even If You Think They Are Adorable

If you are looking to get a new dog there are literally hundreds of different breeds to choose from and each have their own singular look, specific purpose and distinctive personality traits. Many first time dog seekers think they are sure about a particular breed of dog, but oftentimes discover that their dog which first […]

9 Things Appreciated Only By Dachshund Owners

Are you a proud parent of a dachshund? Then chances are you have experienced all or at least most of the below mentioned 9 things. Every dachshund owner is aware of the many delights in having a cute wiener dog. #1: Tolerate nicknames like “Wiener Dog” Sometimes it’s really hard to keep your cool when […]

Hear This! How To Keep Your Dog’s Ears Beautifully Clean

Dog ears can come in many shapes and sizes! Whatever their appearance, though, our dog’s ears are important body parts that need regular care too. One of the greatest ways to help prevent ear problems for your pooch is a simple weekly ear check, and many of our furry family members also need regular ear […]

Eye Spy: A Guide to Canine Eye Care

Our eyes are our windows to the world, but for dogs, being able to clearly view the world around them has been about more than just an intake of information – our dog’s eyes are essential tools for survival and communication. For this reason, it’s important for us to get up close and personal with […]

The Top Ten Poisonous Household Items for Your Dog

Could you have a toxin in your home and not even know it? It can be a terrifying experience when your dog has decided to eat something poisonous, but also a fairly common one for dog owners – in fact, there are over 10,000 cases of pet poisoning every year in the U.S, and the […]

Dachshunds and The Worry Of Intervertebral Disk Disease

Standard smooth-haired dachshund in the garden

Dachshunds have a unique appearance with long bodies and very short legs. The distinctive features that make them look so adorable also makes them predisposed to a painful incapacitating condition called as intervertebral disc disease or IVDD. IVDD occurs when a disc is damaged and the soft gel like substance inside the disc escapes out […]

12 Least Obedient Dog Breeds

Siberian husky puppy with blue eyes

With the right attitude, any canine companion responds to appropriate training – most of the time, the responsiveness of a particular dog often has to do with the style of training, and the amount of attention and time given to teaching your pup in the first place! Having said that, there are definitely other factors […]

10 Of The Cuddliest Dog Breeds You Will Ever Meet

If you love dogs you surely love to cuddle them. It doesn’t matter what their size is either. It could be a tiny Chihuahua or a Boxer we love to cuddle them and they love to cuddle back. Here is a list of 10 of the cuddliest. Now this list is my own preference, a […]

11 Fruits and Vegetables You Should Feed Your Dog

Why don’t you spice up your dog’s taste buds once in a while with some juicy, tasty fruit and vegetables. The added bonus is that not only do they taste good, but these fruits and veggies are packed with important nutrients as well. Don’t forget that much of the mass produced dog food is highly […]