Tips To Put A Stop To Pulling

Put a stop to pulling and train your dog to walk well on the leash. Paws up, dog owners – who’s nursing a sore arm or a strained shoulder after walking your four-legged friend down the street? It’s a sure bet that many pet owners out there are in this situation – some of our […]

Top Tips To Quickly And Easily Socialize Your Dog or Puppy

a very nervous dachshund

How many times have you heard it said that socialization is the key to a well rounded and happy dog? It can sound like a broken record when your vet, neighbor, co-workers and anyone you pass on the street tells you to socialize your dog! Even though it may be repetitive, you actually do need to […]

If Your Dog Has Anxiety You Need To Do This

separation anxiety in dogs

Remember the last time you were asked to speak in front of a group of people and how incredibly nervous you were, or how your palms were hot and sweaty before a job interview? That is a form of anxiety, and your dog could be suffering from a chronic version of anxiety. Imagine how much […]

6 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Yorkie

Yorkie montage

Yorkshire Terriers are seen as great companion dogs, but they were originally bred to be ratters, back in the mid-1800s. Today the average Yorkie is smaller than it’s counterpart from those days and I wouldn’t imagine there was much call for them to be ratters, anymore. But they are terriers at heart, so they can […]

What Would you Wish For Your Dog – If You Could?

Most people love their dogs just the way they are and wouldn’t change a thing. Be that as it may, it is not unusual to have favorite wishes for your dog. In this article, we will review some of the top wishes people have for their dogs and provide advice that will help those wishes […]

9 Reasons Why Pit Bulls Are Awesome

Face of Pitbull dog in background

I’m sure you know this if you are a Pit Bull lover, but I just want to clear up this point for those readers not so knowledgeable. The Pit Bull is not a breed of dog. It’s a term that’s used to describe a group of dogs that include the American Pit Bull Terrier, the […]

10 ‘Drama Queen’ Dogs

afghan and afghan puppy

Some dogs go through life with a carefree attitude; head held high and tail wagging. Other breeds, however, are not so adaptable, becoming overly emotional at the figurative drop of a hat. Let’s take a look at some of the most notorious ‘drama queen’ dog breeds out there! 1. Chihuahua Although Chihuahuas tend to be […]

10 Dogs Only For Experienced Owners

Australian Cattle Dog jumping

Here’s a great list of ten dog breeds that should only be owned by dog lovers experienced in dog behaviour, care and training. Akita These large pups are canine powerhouses of Japanese origin, bred specifically to work as guardians for families and property. They can be wary of strangers, and have a strong, determined personality […]

14 Breeds Most Likely To Give You Some Serious Love

Some fur babies just cannot get close enough to you. Kissing and cuddling is second nature to these loveable pooches. Here’s our list of of 14, in no particular order, of the most affectionate breeds 1. Basset Hound These droopy-eared dogs not only make great foot warmers, but are some of the most laid back […]

10 Rare Dog Breeds That Fly Under The Radar

Couple of Mexican xoloitzcuintle dogs

source Sannas 1. Azawakh The Azawakh originally comes from the Sahel region of Africa. They are hunters, guard dogs and also pets. They look particularly elegant, with short, fine hair. None grows on the dog’s belly. As you can see from their image they do need a lot of exercise. They also really need to […]