The Top Ten Poisonous Household Items for Your Dog

Vet with dog pills.

Pet Medications

Veterinary prescription drugs can be part of the pet poisoning problem too, especially as many of them are produced in tasty flavorings or formats to make medicating our dogs easier.

Our dogs don’t understand the concept of ‘just one!’ The most common problem medications tend to be pain medications and anti-parasitic medication, like chewable heartworm pills.

Household Products

From toilet bowl cleaners to essential oils, oven scrubbers to pool chemicals, everyday items in our houses are leading reasons for pet poisoning.

Since these substances are all so different, they can cause symptoms for our four-legged family members that can span a wide range as well – vomiting, diarrhea, depression, chemical burns, kidney failure, collapse, coma or death.

Vehicle Fluids

Although this tends to be more of a hazard in the wintertime, containers of vehicle fluids (like antifreeze, for example) can be very appealing for pets who are tempted to take a taste.

Antifreeze actually has a sweet taste to many of our furry friends – unfortunately, even a small amount can be deadly, causing kidney damage or kidney failure, and possibly death within a short period of time.