How To Potty Train Your Dachshund Puppy

dachshund puppy training to go outside

Different training techniques have to be used to train different breeds of dogs. In fact, each dog is different and while some breeds or dogs learn quickly and are easy to train, some are very difficult to house-train.

It’s a fact that Dachshunds are one of the toughest breeds to house-train, but it is not an impossible task. There are different methods by which you can potty train a Dachshund, but two methods are more commonly preferred and used with better results.

1. Potty Pad Training

A potty pad, also known as the pee pad or the wee-wee pad is preferred by many toy breed owners to house-train their puppies. Potty pads are readily available in online as well as your local pet stores. Try to get hold of treated potty pads, as they will entice your dog to go on them.

This method is quite easy, especially if you have a used children’s playpen. Arrange a soft blanket to one side of the playpen along with water and food, and place the potty pad on the far side of the playpen. This way you will be splitting the playpen into two different areas.

Place your Dachshund puppy on the potty pad after the dog finishes his meal, every time he wakes up, at the end of his playtime, and usually at a regular interval of 2 to 3 hours, and give the command for him to go potty. This has to be done consistently and never forget to praise the puppy or give him a treat every time after he goes on the pad.

Once he gets the hang of it, you can move the potty pad to a spot that you prefer and your Dachshund will continue to make use of the potty pad.
This method is most preferred by those who live in apartments or in places with extreme weather conditions, where it is very difficult to take the dog outside.

Crate Training

Successful house-training of a Dachshund, or any breed of dog requires a lot of patience and determination from the owner. Crate training is another tried and trusted method of house-training a new Dachshund.

This is probably the easiest method to successfully house-train your Dachshund. Dogs in general are den creatures and are usually content to enter a crate of their own.

They also feel safe and secure inside their own crate where they can relax without any disturbances.

Dachshunds generally like to keep their space clean and will not defecate or urinate in their crate as it is a small space, which is why crate training method is preferred by many owners.

Get a crate that is large enough for your puppy to relax and move about a little. Choose a soft blanket to make a bed inside the crate.

Start crate training your puppy by placing it in the crate for short periods of time until it gets used to the crate. You can give your dog a small treat during his short stays so that he relates to the crate as a positive thing.

Next, remove your Doxy from the crate and take it to the assigned spot and wait until he goes. Once he does the deed, always praise him and give a small treat, and then place your puppy back in its crate. Repeat this at regular intervals until your puppy understands that the crate is for resting and it should be maintained unsoiled.

The Crate is for temporary use only:

Do not keep or give water or feed your Dachshund when it is inside the crate. The crate is intended only for temporary stays, say when you want to visit the store, or a short car trip, or when you’re just too busy to watch your puppy closely.

Do not ever think that you can tuck your Doxy in a crate all day while you are in the office, as it is extremely unkind. Instead, consider the crate just like using a playpen for a kid when it is impossible for you to monitor them every second.

The crate helps to keep your Doxy from damaging your furniture and other things in your house, or from hurting itself. Also, remember not to use the crate as a punishment, as your puppy will not be able to grasp that idea. The crate has to be seen as a treat to appreciate your puppy for his good behavior, and not as a punishment for the mess they made when you were not there.

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