12 Things Appreciated Only By Pug Owners

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1.The wrinkles on a Pug’s head are highly valued because it’s said that they form what looks like Chinese Characters.

Image source flickr.com

2. Pugs do not get colds any more frequently than other dogs, but when they do it’s more noticeable. It might appear that they are more prone because of the increased level of related noises, such as snorting or wheezing etc. It could also be an allergy, seasonal or otherwise. With the Pug being a brachycephalic breed colds can turn into viruses. This can happen to any dog. But the Pug’s compacted nasal passages make this more common. A cold can turn into a respiratory or nasal infection, which will need antibiotics to treat.

Image source flickr.com

3. Although some Pugs do like to swim, they are not considered very good swimmers. Their short legs and difficulty with breathing pretty much guarantees it.

Image source flickr.com

4. Some Pugs have been clocked at speeds in excess of 3-5 mph. But only on a good day and if a treat or two is involved.

5. Pugs may have been around since 400 BC making them the oldest known breed of dog. Practically Royalty!

a cute Pug dog lying on a plaid

6. They have some serious attitude, that’s for sure. Because of this there is a Latin phrase “multi in parvo” that is quite often used to describe them. It means “ A lot of dog in a small space”

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