Top Tips To Quickly And Easily Socialize Your Dog or Puppy

a very nervous dachshund

How many times have you heard it said that socialization is the key to a well rounded and happy dog? It can sound like a broken record when your vet, neighbor, co-workers and anyone you pass on the street tells you to socialize your dog!

Even though it may be repetitive, you actually do need to socialize your dog, for you and your dog’s sake! Socialization from a dog’s point of view is not just meeting other dogs and people.

While a dog park can be good and fun for your dog to learn doggy language, it is not the one and only thing you need to do to socialize your dog!

Socialization is important for your dog to learn how to communicate safely with other dogs and of course people.

However, socialization includes objects, different types of flooring or ground, loud noises, other animals and so much more!

dogs learning to socialize

Socializing With Other Dogs

Your dog must learn how to communicate using only body language with others of his kind, even if he is the only dog in your home.

In fact, if he is your only canine companion it is even more important that he learns how to effectively talk doggy language!

If you ever send your dog to a boarding kennel that allows dogs to play together, attend a dog park where he will always meet other unknown dogs or go to doggy day care his ability to understand and speak canine body language can keep him safe!

You can help your dog or puppy to do this by attending socialization classes at your local kennel club. Sometimes even pet stores hold these classes!

You will learn all about dog language and let your dog interact with and learn from other dogs in a controlled and safe environment.

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