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10 Things You Should Know If You Have A Senior Dachshund

woman working in her garden with a senior dachshund by her side

  Your Dachshund depends on you day in and day out to care for him. He looks to you for superb quality food, exercise, leadership and enrichment. Senior dogs hold a special place in our heart as they have been through quite a lot in our lives. If you have had your senior pooch since […]

13 Reasons Why You Need To Get A Dachshund

portrait of two puppies

Getting a Dachshund can be a real easy emotional decision. You see an unbearably cute puppy and you want one! But not the best way to decide to jump in. After all dogs are messy, they poop…… a lot! They even eat their poop sometimes. They want to go out in the rain, they want to […]